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Master in Management student '17
Master in Management student '17...
Master in Management

Uni Mannheim to Frankfurt School – An opportunity I hadn’t imagined

April 10, 2017
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Deciding what to do next 
After receiving my undergraduate degree in Law & Economics from the University of Mannheim, I wasn’t sure which direction I wanted to further pursue in my postgraduate studies. I enjoyed the legal part of my studies just as much as I did the business and economics part. After taking a year out to intern at PwC Legal and Bayer, and discover where my passion lies, I quickly realized that I didn’t want to become a lawyer, but instead take on a profession, where I could combine my legal skills and economic knowledge. I needed a course that would allow me to improve my understanding of economic and business-related topics. 

What seemed so special about the FS MiM?
When I first read about the Master in Management programme, I was struck by two things, in particular: 
Firstly, the FS MiM is a pre-experience Master’s, which was great for me since I didn’t have a general business background. Frankfurt School is aware that career paths can change and want to make the transition as smooth as possible for you.

Secondly, the ‘3-Day Model’ allows students to combine their studies with work. Studying on only Thursday, Fridays and Saturday allows three days a week for part-time employment, language classes and/or extra-curricular activities. Therefore, the MiM gave me the chance to continue working for Bayer while studying my Master’s degree.

Whilst studying at Frankfurt School I was often in touch with the Careers Services. They go above and beyond to help you with job applications, knowledge of different companies, and knowing what specific roles would be most suitable for you. I always received a quick and thorough response with personal feedback.

Frankfurt City
As well as thoroughly enjoying my studies, I absolutely love living in Frankfurt. Due to its location, Frankfurt School has excellent corporate connections, meaning that guest lectures and real-life case studies are a regular occurrence. I am able to experience the realities of the working world, directly from the classroom.
 Frankfurt is a dynamic city with many young, open minded and international people. This doesn’t only benefit my studies but also makes day-to-day life extremely interesting. I have learnt about new customs and cultures and continur to make friends with people from over the world.

Studying the FS MiM hasn’t only provided me with an MSc in Management, but the individual service and outstanding opportunities mean that I have gained much more than I expected when I first submitted my application. 

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