A unique experience: Executive MBA elective module in Shanghai
MBA / 3 July, 2019
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Executive MBA Class of 2020
Pawel is a Managing Director, Risk Management Division, at PKO BP and an Executive MBA class of 2020 candidate.

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I am Pawel Metrycki, Managing Director of Risk Division in PKO Bank Polski responsible for creating risk policy, addressing challenges from regulatory requirements and rapidly changing business environment. I recently took part in the Digital China elective as part of my Executive MBA.

Arriving at Kedge Business School

We were full of enthusiasm and eager to learn when arriving at Kedge University, China, ready for the Digital China international module. The day began with a short introduction of ourselves and discussions about what had most impressed us about China so far. The most common example included: Wechat and Alibaba everywhere, QR codes applicable for everything and vending machines which can be used to collect what you want (of course under condition that you are able to pay with Wechat or Alipay). We then spent the morning analyzing the reasons for this domination of these two abovementioned players.

Li Fung company visit

It was great to be exposed to Li Fung, a supply chain manager for mainly EU and US brands. We were impressed how one company manages to be so flexible and ready to service a wide range of companies, from clothing start-ups to giants such as Nike. We were shown how to digitize the logistic processes with clothing design, ordering or delivering, for example. Entering the working room when 20 people were working on designing clothes allowed us to get a realistic impression of what we were actually working on. We were also given a talk on working in international companies from a global perspective from a company executive, which was extremely insightful. Before we know it, it was time to head back to the hotel after taking group photo. Time goes fast when you’re having fun!

Innovative grocery shopping 

Visiting Freshhippo grocery shop was a very futuristic experience. The most impressive aspect was that the bags were literally flying over our heads. Customers order their goods on the way to the shop and once they arrive at the shop, their goods are practically waiting on the doorstep. With special offers being shown on the app when food is close to its expiry date, this is digital innovation at its finest.

Tencent Holdings Ltd

The talk held by Tencent Holdings Ltd, an online technology and cultural enterprise, was extremely insightful and showed us the realities of digitalization in our everyday lives. Tencent introduced new technology by creating joint venture with MAC, an American cosmetic company. From the client’s perspective it works very simply, you scan your face and then digitally ‘try on’ as much make up as you wish before selecting the products you would like to buy. Another example was on using AI to play the most popular video game in China (King of Glory) when you are offline. The idea is to observe a player’s gaming habits and then create a robot who plays instead of a player but in the typical style of the player.

I strongly recommend taking part in Digital China elective as career inspiration comes from diversity and is driven by exposure to unique experience. I have really broadened my perspective and learnings regarding digital disruptors in the banking industry.