Challenge accepted and accomplished
FS Life / 25 September, 2015
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MoF class of 2016
Marijana is a Master of Finance student at Frankfurt School

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04.09.2015, 5:30am: Meeting point at the Frankfurt Airport, destination London. After my team, Marinko Tutic, Christoph Drayß, Sudhir Kumar Raj Ethiraj and I got through the first two stages of the competition, we were invited to London to present our M&A Case in front of the Greensea Capital LLP management team. Another nine teams from all over the world, Canada, Italy as well as India and China for example, were also invited to participate in the final round; however, we were the only team from Germany. We had 20 minutes presentation time and 10 minutes of Q&A to convince the management team not only with our numbers and calculations but more importantly convince them of our ideas.

Our task was to complete a whole fair value calculation either for the buy or sell side for a potential merger transaction and present the key outcomes and the recommendation to the management. Before the presentations at the Greensea office, we had no idea what the other teams had picked. We had received an email concerning the other nine participants only one day before we flew out to London; however, no information on the cases they had prepared. This made the whole day more interesting and lead to lively discussions. After every presentation not only could the judges ask questions but also we as participants were allowed to test our peers.

11:30am: Time for team no. 4Team Frankfurt School of Finance & Management” – As Germany is one of the leading countries in the automotive sector, we deemed our chosen company appropriate and combined it with the telematics industry to underline the importance of the developing trends in the market. 20 minutes to present the most important factors which drive the market, the financials as well as the synergies was quite tough. After answering a few questions from the management we were done!

4:00pm: Announcement of the winning team! The management team announced that three teams were pretty close to each other regarding the cumulative result. According to the management we won over the Canadian and Italian titleholding team because we presented a case which was not only financially right but most importantly realistic and future oriented.After the announcement, Greensea Capital invited all participants to have some drinks together at Canary Wharf. This was a good opportunity to get to know the other participants better as well as the employees of Greensea Capital. However, the real weekend started after the obligatory part was done. London by night, shopping on Oxford Street, drinks at Sushisamba, and substantial brunches made our trip to London complete. And the best part: no umbrella needed!!!