The first ever Master in Blockchain & Digital Assets Block Week
Master in Blockchain & Digital Assets / 25. November 2022
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Programme Manager
A social scientist with more than 7 years of work experience in higher education in two continents, Hagai Leal is now the Programme Manager of the newly launched Master in Blockchain & Digital Assets programme here at Frankfurt School.


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Master in Blockchain & Digital Assets – stay ahead in transforming industries

Frankfurt: a city that started as a muddy Roman garrison on the outskirts of the Empire, then developed to be a fair trade and exchange centre in the Middle Ages, and from there became all we know today: the main financial hub in Continental Europe, the epicentre of German and European central banking, crossroads for the global exchange of Internet data, cargo, and passengers. A two-thousand-year-old meeting place for people eager to exchange information, services, currencies and commodities to learn how to implement disruptive technologies into old businesses with the purpose of increasing performance and revenue. A superspreader of knowledge, technology, and profit.

Think about that and now consider that with it’s master programmes, Frankfurt School gives expression to that old tradition of fostering economic and human development through the exchange of expert knowledge and innovation at the heart of Western Europe. It doesn’t surprise you that in the age of Blockchain, Bitcoin and other digital currencies, precisely this university is one of the few around the world – and the only one in Germany – to offer a full-fledged executive master programme focused on that technological and financial ecosystem, right? Frankfurt School’s Master in Blockchain and Digital Assets programme has just completed its inaugural week, which is the first in a series of seven block weeks through which experienced, highly competent professionals from the four corners of the world will learn from experts and from each other about the opportunities and limitations offered by the Blockchain technological and financial revolution, and about how to implement them for business transformation.

Block week 1 – Professionals learning from experts

From 7 to 12 of November, thirty students from three continents and eleven countries, with highly diverse professional backgrounds that include Finance, Management, Computer Science and Social Sciences, joined a small group of experts to learn how Distributed Ledger Technologies (DLT), blockchains and crypto assets work and are applicable to the worlds of money, finance, and beyond. The sessions took place on the Frankfurt School main campus and were also followed online by students located as far as the United States’ West Coast. The week kicked off with Professor Philipp Sandner, Director of the Frankfurt School Blockchain Center and Academic Director and mastermind behind the Master in Blockchain & Digital Assets programme, Dr. Christoph Kreiterling, a frequent lecturer at Frankfurt School who also works at the German Federal Financial Supervisory Authority (BaFin), Dr. Jonas Gross from the Digital Euro Association and Etonec, and Manuel Klein from Deutsche Bank.

Also, honouring the old tradition of building relationships, exchanging valuable experiences, and thinking together about the future of our own businesses and projects, we met on two consecutive evenings to learn about Frankfurt School, the different programmes and the Blockchain Center. We met with many other students, enjoying good regional wines, healthy food, and the spectacular view of the sunset behind Frankfurt’s skyline.

Programme structure – This programme could be for you

The block week we have just completed anticipates a pattern in which highly competent and experienced professionals will interact on campus and online for six days each couple of months with leading experts from the field until the completion of their studies in mid-2024. The four-semester programme has been tailored by Frankfurt School and the Blockchain Center to fit the needs of full-time-employed managers residing all around the world and includes a study trip to the Swiss Crypto Valley in Zurich and Zug in the third semester. It offers, for these reasons, a great opportunity for articulating previous professional experience with new knowledge gained through direct interaction with experts and peers.

If you are already part of the group, we invite you to contact the Frankfurt School team and share with us your impressions or come over for lunch if you happen to be in Frankfurt. If you are reading it from “the other side of the fence” but have been considering going beyond the foggy landscape of tweets, podcasts, and press articles about blockchain and digital assets, and want to start learning about this ongoing revolution in a structured way with experts in Frankfurt, probably it is time to send us an email ( We will be happy to tell you more, help you to learn about Frankfurt School, the Blockchain Center, and the programme, and to welcome you as a student if it turns out that we are meant for each other.

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