European Public Health to Management
Study / 11. Dezember 2018
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Master in Management Class of 2018
Marie-Luisa Jahreiss is a Master in Management, class of 2018 alumna.


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In 2016, I graduated with a Bachelor in European Public Health (EPH) from Maastricht University, the Netherlands. Throughout my BSc studies I developed a keen interest in obtaining a deeper insight into the world of healthcare. In order to do so, a solid foundation in Business and Management is necessary. Thus, I completed a Master in Management at the Frankfurt School.

Management during my BSc studies

When studying EPH, not only do you learn about what effect diseases have on populations and how you can best contain them, you also dive into the world of healthcare. How can we guarantee access to healthcare? What are the different European healthcare systems and which ones work better than others? How does finance, politics and geographic determine the success of delivering good healthcare? Those are only few of the questions I identified myself with throughout my EPH studies.

After fairly quickly understanding the key role that business plays when it comes to answering those questions, I decided to complete a minor in Business as part of my BSc. . This made me an even bigger supporter of combining business with public health in order to increase the reach and effectiveness of public health.

Why Frankfurt School?

Frankfurt School was the obvious choice for me because people from a non-business-based background are admitted. The first semester  was of immense benefit  because it equipped me with all the necessary basics and knowledge for the Master in Management.. Furthermore, this institution has an international stance, a well-developed curriculum and is very multi-disciplinary. It moreover offers a great platform for networking, which makes it possible to connect with people from different backgrounds, exchange ideas as well as viewpoints. Frankfurt School has taught me to work independently, look at the bigger picture and that we can all contribute in our own different ways. I have made very good friends along the way and I am looking forward to seeing what the future has to offer for all of us. Staying in touch will not be an issue, considering that we will have alumni meetings.

Public Health and Management

Conclusively, combining EPH and Management has given me a better understanding about the complex world of healthcare. I am grateful to be given the opportunity to combine both subjects and to ultimately also end up working in a field in which this is the case. The Masters has given me the confidence to become a leader in the healthcare field and hopefully also to change something for the better in our world.