29. Oktober 2018
Online Master – a life changing experience

Ruel Edwards

Approximately two years ago, I began the search for an institution of Higher Learning that would afford me the flexibility to enhance my knowledge, skills and capacity in Development Finance whilst at the same time remaining employed fulltime. Having recently completed the Online Master of Leadership in Development Finance with Frankfurt School of Finance and Management, I can confirm unequivocally and without any reservation that the programme was well designed, professionally delivered and life changing.
9. August 2018
From FS e-Learning alumni to Botswana policy regulator

Patrick Dogbe

Regulation serves to ensure the financial soundness of a Microfinance Institute (MFI), reducing the chance of failure and reinforcing the public’s trust in these financial institutions.  Regulations in the form of capital adequacy requirements, reserve requirements, loan loss provisions, and loan documentation are all examples of measures to ensure an MFI will be able to maintain its operations.
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Online Master – a life changing experience
29. Oktober 2018
Ruel Edwards
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6. Februar 2019
Jean-Camille Musengo
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20. Dezember 2018
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From FS e-Learning alumni to Botswana policy regulator
9. August 2018
Patrick Dogbe
Origins of E-Campus: Certified Expert in Digital Finance
1. August 2018
Constanze Lehmann