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Risikomanagement und Nachhaltigkeit
9. September 2020
Menglu Neupert-Zhuang
The COVID-19 Pandemic and the Importance of Financial Inclusion
15. September 2020
Ricardo A. Estrada Villalta
True leaders will shine in these crises!
1. April 2020
Ute Buhler
A new experience: completing my first e-learning course
14. Oktober 2019
Malin Emmerich
Finance agricole: La course à l’innovation à l’épreuve de la patience
26. März 2020
Cécile Voigt
5 Reasons to Apply for the Master of Leadership in Sustainable Finance
25. März 2020
Hillary Johnson
How I kick-started my career in Micro finance with Frankfurt School
8. Januar 2019
Laura Crocq
Education for a more sustainable world
4. März 2020
Barbara Drexler
How my Master helped me move from IT to Finance
26. Februar 2020
Emeka M. Okoye
My SAP journey from the Technology to the Headquarters
18. Dezember 2018
Bishesh Naik
Gaining knowledge to generate impact in agriculture
29. Januar 2020
Som Toohey
Allier théorie et pratique grâce au e-learning
10. Januar 2020
Tchémongo Mariame Saganogo
Online Master – a life changing experience
29. Oktober 2018
Ruel Edwards
How Frankfurt School helps me build sustainable business models
18. Dezember 2019
Herman De Greve
How I built my knowledge of Islamic Microfinance through e-learning
27. August 2019
Nadia Weigh