Came for a Master’s – staying for my career
Master of Finance / 28 May 2021
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Master of Finance Class of 2022
Ylliesse works as a Capital Markets Advisory at ODDO BHF whilst studying Finance at Frankfurt School.

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Growing up in a cross-border area, borders and foreign languages have never been synonymous of barriers to me. Originally from France, I had the opportunity to study and work in countries such as Germany, Switzerland and Luxembourg. Upon completion of my Bachelor’s degree, I joined Credit Suisse for a 16-month journey which further strengthened my motivation to pursue a career in Finance. By the end of this experience, I was very much looking forward to getting further education in this field. Frankfurt School, with its unique “one-stop shop”, has provided me the relevant tools to take my career to the next step.

 Valuable contacts with the industry

Home to over 150 foreign financial institutions, Frankfurt has provided me with many opportunities to connect with leading banks and get insights into the industry. When it comes to networking, a critical element of the experience, Frankfurt School has an excellent relationship with the corporate world and organises workshops with well-known institutions on a regular basis (Citibank and Deutsche Bank, to name a few). From a professional point of view, the city is set to grow even further post-Brexit, making it an increasingly attractive location.

 A life-changing experience

Beyond professional & academic development, Frankfurt School offers the possibility to grow in every aspect of our life. With a broad range of activities such as business/sports initiatives, and language courses, Frankfurt School offers the opportunity to get engaged and step out of your comfort zone. Thanks to the German lessons provided free of charge, I have been able to follow 2 different courses during my first semester, building on the necessary confidence to face almost every situation in German.

Prior to joining Frankfurt School, I worked and studied in cosmopolitan environments that brought together different cultures, ideas and values. While we have a lot to learn from the school, we also have a lot to learn from each other. In this respect, studying at Frankfurt School was an excellent choice as it allowed me to befriend people from all around the world, from Russia to the Netherlands, encouraging creative thinking and cooperation.

4 months after starting my Master of Finance at Frankfurt School, I found myself in lockdown, but FS’ drive to make the most out of uncertainty strengthened the idea that I made the right decision in joining this business school. While at the beginning of this experience I was only coming for a degree, I am now considering staying for a career.