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Full House at Bachelor Day

May 3, 2016
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Günther: Hi Gustav.

Gustav:  Hi Günther, what a wonderful wheather we have today. Let’s take a little trip. Today is Bachelor Day at the Frankfurt School. There should be a lot going on.

Günther: Okay, let’s go. But what is Bachelor Day?

Gustav: It’s open house at the Frankfurt School. You can find out what you can study there.

Günther: Oh boy, it’s full here. Look there is a desk. It says: Registration. What does that mean?

Foto Gustav & Günther registrieren sich am Bachelor Day

Gustav & Günther registrieren sich – Gustav & Günher register for the event

Gustav: Well, they want to know, who is coming.

Günther: Ah okay, where can we start?

Gustav: We start with a trial lecture.

Günther: Oh, what can you try there? Food? I’m hungry!

Foto Gustav & Günther bei der Schnuppervorlesung am Bachelor Day

Gustav & Günther bei der Schnuppervorlesung – Gustav & Günther visit a trial lecture

Gustav: Günther, at a trial lecture you can discover what it is like in a real class.

Günther: Let’s keep it short and then let’s look for the students’ lounge where you can really try something. They have all sorts of food from all over the world.

Foto Gustav & Günther bei Student Life @FS am Bachelor Day

Gustav & Günther bei Student Life @FS – Gustav & Günther at the students’ lounge

Gustav: Oh, Career Services are upstairs!

Günther: Carry what?

Foto Gustav & Günther besuchen die Career Services am Bachelor Day

Gustav & Günther besuchen die Career Services – Gustav & Günther visit Career Services

Gustav: Career Services! They help the students to find a job.

Günther: Super, they really look after their students at Frankfurt School. Gustav, it’s a cool event this Bachelor Day. It’s well organised and really worth dropping by. Do you think they are all from Frankfurt?

Foto Gustav & Günther im Bus zum Bachelor Day

Gustav & Günther im Bus – Gustav & Günther in a shuttle bus

Gustav: No, they have chartered buses coming from all over. 180 students have used this service. And there are more than 400 people here.

Gustav & Günther: Well, we say: “Thank you!”, this has been a wonderful trip. We will come again next time to visit Bachelor Day.

And the event has been filmed. You can see it here: Bachelor Day an der Frankfurt School

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