Getting ahead with a Part-time MBA: From Banking to International Auditing & Consulting
Part-time MBA / 24 September, 2020
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Part-time MBA Class of 2020
Alexander is Senior Associate at PwC and has extensive experience in the banking industry. He is a candidate for the Part-time MBA class of 2020.

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Having worked in the banking industry for eight years as Business Client Advisor for small local businesses, I found more and more interest in the industrial sector. This was also due to the special market environment in the banking industry (i.e. low interest rate and increasing regulatory). Since my academic education was specifically focussed on banking up until that point, I decided to pursue a broader education, which I found in the Part-time MBA. This MBA programme offers the perfect opportunity to broaden my knowledge about business on a global scale and to learn from international peers representing different countries, backgrounds and mindsets. Thus, I decided to join the class starting in October 2018.

Getting ready for a change

After just nine months of challenging, intense and enlightening classes, assignments and presentations, I saw a chance to change jobs from a local Banker to an international Auditor/Consultant at PwC Deutschland GmbH WP based in Frankfurt. In December 2019, I started as Senior Associate in the Risk Management department. Since then I worked on several projects, ranging from typical auditing to ECB Funding for companies in the banking industry as well as in the industrial sector.

At PwC we build trust in society and solve important problems. Especially in the non-auditing projects, I experience advantages through the Part-time MBA. From my perspective it is not only the content of the classes and the highly applicable teaching style that make a difference, but also the perspective of the classmates and the conveyed mindset of the lecturers. All of these factors allow for participants to approach issues from very different angles. This learning experience drastically enhances the understanding of different needs and encourages to think further from those different viewpoints. This extended business horizon is a tremendous asset to my management toolkit: It increases my ability to take on the client’s perspective while maintaining the external view of a consultant. Moreover, it allows for me to rapidly adapt to new situations and requirements, which is essential to work well and solve important problems.

The Frankfurt School network

Frankfurt is the industrial heart of Europe and the importance of the city grow further due to Brexit and the resulting job shifts from London to Frankfurt. Subsequently, the local job market will be flooded with more talents from around the world. The Part-time MBA at Frankfurt School allows you to gain and develop outstanding business abilities and to evolve personally. It is designed for you to build a highly diverse network – not only through the class profile, but also during different events and networking opportunities. The strong in-class interaction is encouraged through many different forms of group work, including presentations and assignments with highly motivated and talented people from various professions, skills and mentalities. All of this paves the way and prepares you for an international career.