How some tough setbacks led me to the greatest choice of my professional life
Part-time MBA / 18 March 2021
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Part-time MBA Class of 2022
Tim is a part-time MBA student at the Hamburg Campus. He is a is Senior Project Manager Offshore T&I and is currently working in the offshore renewables sector helping to secure Europe’s emission goals.

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The Original Plan

To complement my solid engineering background with formal managerial skills my original plan was to get an MBA. I felt that I needed this in order to communicate effectively with my peers on level playing field. In my job I was moving away from classic project management towards the controlling and financing side, and it became obvious that I am lacking some advanced skills in this subject. A basic understanding of how economics and financing in general work was there. However, a feeling of not being taken seriously when it comes to the final discussion kept creeping in.

So, I had successfully applied and signed up for a reputable MBA program at a private university in Hamburg. Then, as in so many other facets of all our lives, Corona kicked in and the university decided to discountinue all MBA programs without any plans to reinstate them anytime soon. Obviously, I was very disappointed by this unexpected change with little to no realistic alternatives…

Lead Into Temptation

Luckily, there was a thoughtful person who pointed me towards Frankfurt School – Campus Hamburg. At first, I was surprised to find that the Frankfurt School offers a Part-time MBA in Hamburg. I had heard of FS before, but I thought of it as way out of my league. I knew of their high of a reputation,  strong faculty and large network. Thankfully, a very kind and sincere recruitment manager from  FS contacted me (I still owe you a coffee) and eventually, lured me into applying.

Hesitantly Happy

I discussed the opportunity with my family, and we concluded that this is the perfect opportunity. Right at the beginning of the application process the professional approach towards all matters of concern impressed me. And surely, my first interview with Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Reittinger left me convinced that the FS MBA program was the right thing for me. By that time, I was highly intrigued and felt the strong wish to participate – I wanted to become a part of the FS community. When I received the acceptance letter, I felt highly lucky that I was accepted to be a part of this exclusive circle of professionals.

The Best Choice of My Professional Life

Now, almost half a year into the program, I must emphasize that this was the best decision we could make. For me personally, Corona transformed a hard time choice into a great chance. Yes, we are faced with a different teaching mode. What was planned as a classroom experience became an online/hybrid approach. Yes, it is not always as effortless as we thought it would be to conduct the preparation and groupwork. Yes, sometimes I feel that the quality of my own contributions suffer from all this long-distance communication. But I can see firsthand that FS is making the best out of the situation, ensuring dedication and commitment from  faculty and thus, keeping the level of education at the highest possible quality.

The group of students I am studying with is so focused, so professional and dedicated. It makes up for a lot of the Corona induced hassles. Of course, we have encountered situations of frustration and concern. Of course, we had to improvise on multiple occasions. Of course, the networking experience is totally different compared to a face-to-face environment. But the effort that FS put into transferring the whole Part-time MBA course work into the virtual world was absolutely worth it. It provides us with the opportunity to network and collaborate in a totally modern way, which in my view will continue to stay – also in a post-Covid-19 business environment. Being so flexible and dedicated to find a solution is simply another example of the excellence FS brings to the matters and challenges at hand.

I must insist that the choice to commence a MBA in general, in combination with the fateful opportunity of studying at the Frankfurt School, has turned out to be the best career decision I have taken until today. For me personally and for my family – despite Covid-19.