Insights from a Product Specialist Equities at Berenberg
Career Services / 3 May 2021
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Master of Finance Class of 2020
Selin has been a Product Specialist for the discretionary equities since June 2020. Selin holds a Bachelor of Science in International Management and a Master of Finance from Frankfurt School. She is founder and head of the initiative Frankfurt School Women in Business, among the engagement in various other initiatives.

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Good teamwork is probably among the most important catalysts for an efficient and productive working environment. A small team which combines the top minds on markets with excellent track records and long-standing experience, but still averages an age range around 30 and offers approachability, variety, fun at the workplace as well as momentum – in my opinion, that is quite hard to find.

Why I chose Berenberg

One of the main reasons why I joined the Berenberg Portfolio Management Equities team within Berenberg WAM full-time after my Master of Finance studies at Frankfurt School was the phenomenal interpersonal skills I have encountered with my interviewers and the team members I had the pleasure to meet. It is not often that the most senior representatives of a company take the time to thoroughly get to know you during introduction meetings, teach-ins or the many social and afterwork events – which of course unfortunately have moved online for now due to COVID-19.

My experiences

It seemed so natural to the team to welcome me as a new starter as warmly as possible. During my first week, I was offered teach-ins in person following Corona guidelines from every member of the team. While one of our 12 portfolio managers took a generous amount of his time to go through an investment case with me, another did the same to teach me all about a new investment and the quantitative assessments we implement within our single stock selection approach – and another patiently taught me all about the digital payment services sector on a global level.

It is great fun to settle in an environment in which every team member is so passionate about what they do. After a short amount of time, I had gained in-depth knowledge about our core areas of expertise: European and Global equities, Small Caps, Germany’s inner strength and ESG investing. None of our team members within Berenberg WAM work alone for themselves. We are in constant exchange with each other, exchanging ideas and learnings while sharing one investment philosophy and our passion for what we do. This makes my work incredibly fun and exciting, but also challenging as the learning curve is very steep.

What I do

After gaining my first experiences in Investment Management Sales, I felt encouraged to engage in the quantitative stock-selection side as well and to focus on Equities. My job as Product Specialist within the Portfolio Management team entails the perfect combination of Portfolio Management and Sales of the funds, strategies and mandates. Together with my fellow Product Specialists, I am the first point of contact for internal and external clients, coordinating fund and mandate launches, seed money, roadshows, presentations and pitches, client meetings as well as administrational and operational processes. In general, my job is to know everything around our portfolios and what is inside of them.

High versatility and diversity

Berenberg Wealth and Asset Management does not only include Portfolio Management Equities and Multi Asset/Fixed Income. It further entails the departments Multi Asset Strategy and Research, Fixed Income, Investment & Risk Management Solutions, Sales, our ESG Office and the COO Office.

Berenberg also engages strongly in diversity and inclusivity. Most of us have very different backgrounds. One of our portfolio managers, for example, is a history graduate. As founder and head of the initiative FS Women in Business, I find it particularly encouraging that both heads of the Product Specialist divisions Equities and Multi Asset are inspiring and accomplished young women.

To me, it is impressive how supportive and yet professional the work environment has been. When I was still working on my Master’s Thesis at the beginning of my employment at Berenberg, my supervisor encouraged me to take as much time off as I need to work on my Thesis, which I am sure has helped me achieve an excellent grade. Especially during these times, it is even more important to have a team characterized by support and an open environment, which offers you extensive opportunities to grow professionally as well as on a personal level.