Kicking off my Part-Time MBA in Times of Corona
Part-time MBA / 13 October, 2020
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Part-time MBA class of 2022
Dodo is Head Of Marketing Campaigns and Portfolio at HBK - Hottinger Brüel & Kjaer located in the Frankfurt area. She holds a Masters in Business Administration with a specialization in Strategic Marketing. Dodo is a candidate for the Part-time MBA class of 2022.

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Corona Can’t Stop Us

It is a big deal to decide to do an MBA, it is an even bigger deal to apply for one in times of Corona. Will classes take place on site or online? How will students adhere to health regulations? What if I need to be in quarantine and miss important exams? I doubt any of these questions have ever crossed a new student’s mind before Covid-19 shook the world. And for Frankfurt School , these questions provided never-seen-before challenges that had to be overcome quickly to ensure the high standard of its programs.

So why did I decide to apply for the Part-time MBA despite these uncertainties? Frankfurt School assured its students that all on site classes would still take place under strict adherence to health and safety regulations so that students can attend lectures growing and strengthening their networks. This was important to me and one of the main reasons why I personally wanted to pursue an MBA: learning from others.

The Introduction Day

When October hit, it was time to prepare for the introduction day at Frankfurt School. Students were sent the agenda up front and told to bring a mask. The day included an opening speech from the programme director, introductions to various student functions, a campus tour and a dinner to kick off the start of the MBA.

When we arrived in the morning, all students were wearing their business formal outfits and not so formal masks 😉. All of us were also handed a corona tracer to be worn when on campus or in a group with others. If a student is tested Covid-19 positive, the device could trace which people have been within a 2 meter radius of that student.

The introduction day was extremely well organized and informative. It got all of us students excited for the next 21 months. There were lots of opportunities to get to know each other and to start growing the network of like-minded people. Frankfurt School did an outstanding job making sure the distance of 1,5 meters was kept between students while making it as comfortable for us as possible.

The Leadership Camp

After the nice kick off day which ended with a glass of champagne and a dinner, it was time for the two-day leadership camp at the Lufthansa Conference Hotel in Seeheim. Students could either take the bus or arrive by car. None of us really knew what to expect over the course of the two days. All we knew was that we had to bring weatherproof shoes and jackets.

When we arrived, all wearing our Corona tracer and mask (of course), we jumped right into different games to learn each others’ nationalities, names and interests. Lots of smaller group exercises followed, including walking in the woods blindfolded. I won’t say much more here because the charm of the leadership camp was not knowing what games to play and just immersing yourself in this unique experience. All I want to say is that it was the best weekend ever with the coolest people. The games were eye opening in terms of teamwork, trust, and the importance of organizing a team the right way. If you are hooked by now, I would recommend applying for an MBA at Frankfurt School to experience this yourself, it is worth it!

In the end, the kick off weekend including the opening day set the foundation for our collaboration over the next 21 months. We left Seeheim knowing almost everybody by name and felt like one unity already. Yes, we were aware of the Corona situation and adhered to all regulations, but it didn’t hamper our fun or experience in any way. Thank you Frankfurt School for ensuring that we would have the best time.