From Latin America to Germany; An International Student at FS
Master in Management / 11 December, 2017
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Master in Management Class of 2019
Maria is a Master in Management student from Colombia, who lived and studied in Uruguay, New Zealand and the USA. Maria then moved to Frankfurt to pursue her master's and represents Frankfurt School as an ambassador and a member of the Student Council.

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As a Latin American, I had heard that Germans are distant and love rules but the most common stereotype is that Germans are cold!!  This was a big concern when making my decision as I was anxious about what I had heard. However, I was excited about the new opportunities and adventures; I was ready to experience this roller coaster.

Cultural Integration
It was important for me to do my master’s at a top European business school with an international environment. I have an international background through studying in Colombia, my native country, Uruguay, my second home and also New Zealand and the United States. I love learning from other cultures and competitive student profiles as it’s an enriching experience and I am already seeing the benefits. My master’s program consists of people from a range of cultures, and after just two weeks I already had a social life in Frankfurt with people from all over the world!

Professional Integration
The main thing that attracted me to Frankfurt School is the excellent employability rankings and the 3-day study model, which means you can work part-time whilst studying full-time and be involved in student life activities! International students can use the time to learn the language, which is a great asset to finding a job in Germany. If you´re thinking of leaving Latin America for Germany, I would advise you to start picking up the basics of the language so you are prepared when you get here.

The Frankfurt School Career Services helps with the job search through recruiting events, workshops and one-to-one guidance on how to make your profile fit the job positions you are looking for.

Social Integration
The various social and academic events including an opening party, external company events and workshops are a great way to get involved, I have met a lot of people through attending these events. Being surrounded by enthusiastic and open-minded individuals has made a challenging experience much easier than I thought it would be considering the German stereotypes I´d heard when back in Latin America.

The opportunity to join different initiatives at university allows you to get involved in an activity that relates to what you’re passionate about that I can assure is also fun. After one month of studying at Frankfurt School I was elected by the students to become a member of the Student Council as a social media representative! This has allowed me to get involved in the FS student life and network within the FS community.

Overall, I can say that studying at Frankfurt School was definitely the right decision!  I have seen the bigger picture of the German culture, which is not the typical stereotypes we hear in Latin America and it has opened my eyes to the world of career opportunities that is ready and waiting for me!

This post is part of the “An International Student at FS” blog series, covering different nationalities at Frankfurt School. This blog series aims to highlight different cultural perspectives and help you integrate with your international class mates at Frankfurt School.