Why the MOF and why Frankfurt School?
Master of Finance / 11 September, 2018
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Master of Finance Class of 2020
Akanksha is a Master of Finance student, class of 2020 and FS Ambassador at Frankfurt School.

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A dreamer with a desire to be an entrepreneur, I followed my ambition to study the Master of Finance at Frankfurt School and took up the application challenge. I passionately prepared my application for one of the toughest finance and management schools in Europe and secured a place at this prestigious university.

At a glance:

  • Prestige of the University
  • Quality of Student Life
  • Quality of Education
  • Supportive Ecosystem

Prestige of the University

Frankfurt, popularly known as the financial capital of Germany, is home to all big banks and financial institutions. This itself makes it the best place for finance aspirants. Frankfurt School holds good reputation in and outside Germany. Prospective Masters students rely heavily on the school’s reputation. Frankfurt School has consistently ranked amongst the top B-Schools in the Financial Times ranking. For this reason, reputation is an attribute that holds high importance in the decision of choosing Frankfurt School of Finance and Management. FS offers a stimulating international environment in where you can create strong networks and form the basis for a successful career.

Quality of Student Life

Frankfurt allows you to take care of yourself and your life outside of university. Whether the fatigue is emotional or physical, study can be an effort when you are too tired to put on a public face, to smile and to stand in front of the class. So you must take care of yourself, “fill the tank,” whatever that is to you: working out at the gym, seeing a show, jogging, getting away from town for a weekend, hanging out  with friends. If you are drained, you can’t be a creative problem solver. If you take care of yourself, you’ll have more time and energy to do what matters and you’ll enjoy this program, despite all the pressures.

Quality of Education

The MoF curriculum is specifically detailed and intensive including all relevant modules and extracurricular events directing students towards all round excellence. The 3-Day Model program is spread over a period of twenty-four months, which allows students to study, work-part time and intern.

Supportive Ecosystem

Career Services forms a crucial part of the school, it is a gateway between academic activities and entry into the job market. The Career Services team at Frankfurt School constantly assists students to find the apt job for the skills and knowledge they carry. Career networking and events are amongst many activities taken care of by the Career Services Team.

Faculty members play an important role in creating the kind of academic environment that supports the success of early career endeavours. The experienced professors have built extensive research programs. We are newcomers and with new energy and ideas and the excellent faculty at Frankfurt School helps one to improve oneself.

Senior colleagues are always here to help you figure out where your teaching is going and why you are taking it there. You may get off to a great start but even if you falter you will improve over time with their constant support. They have a range of skills and experiences worth tapping-for making learning more effective, facilitating discussion, and testing.


Pursuing the MoF reminds me of what Mark Twain once said of Richard Wagner’s music: “It’s better than it sounds.” For most of us, the MoF is better than it sounds. For some of us, it remains the greatest choice in the world. If you are comparing the Finance programs, recognise that starting salaries and quality of teaching are important attributes. But the number one attribute is prestige and the best measure of prestige is the success of the alumni. The coveted ‘FS tag’ is highly respected in the industry.

Just believe in yourself and keep working hard and don’t forget to thank your friends, family or any other person who supported you during your application journey.