My journey: Six months into the part-time MBA
Part-time MBA / 27 April, 2020
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Part-time MBA class of 2021
Sahar is a Senior Consultant at Deloitte with focus on Financial Industry and has a finance background. Sahar is a candidate for the part-time MBA class of 2021.

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Enrolling in the part-time MBA program at the Frankfurt School was an easy decision for me. I was looking for a MBA program, diverse in term of nationality, industry and expertise of participants. I was seeking for a program as a platform to become and share insights on challenges and opportunities of digital transformation in different industries as well as exchanges on en vogue IT trends and technologies. I wanted to acquire more knowledge outside the IT and Finance industry to further complement my industry background. Initially, I had hoped to pick up a few management and leadership skills, but I was not expecting the fascinating dynamic and drive of the MBA participants in my class and their experiences.

My experience & perception so far

My MBA journey so far has been a voyage of self-discovery and improvement. Interactive sessions with target-oriented discussions, group works with exciting themes and role plays challenge each of us and push us to the outside of our comfort zone, which enable us to discover potentials of ourselves renewed. I have met people from my class with the same passion, enthusiasm and level of commitment as myself, which keeps me motivated and energized to stay on track.

Even under current circumstances arising from the Coronavirus and the switch to the online class modus, we do have a lot of interactive sessions, breakout sessions for smaller group discussion in order to keep everyone engaged and involved in the discussions. Particularly, in my selected elective classes, the assignments are designed to develop entrepreneurial skills and capabilities and allow aplenty of creativity and new ideas.

What else?

Beside the regular classes, we do have series of executive talk, so called “Boardroom”, where we have an executive board member as a keynote speaker, highlighting the main industry challenges along with the environmental changes. It is a perfect complement to the class in order to be become first-hand insights of the industry. Furthermore, Frankfurt School frequently hosts several events and meet-ups, where top institutions participate with keynotes, lectures and panel contributions on different topics. I was able to join a couple of these events, such as the AI Summit in 2019: Top companies introduced concrete examples of how products, services and infrastructures can be redesigned by using disruptive and innovative technologies.

What next?

My life has been a mix of colorful mosaics of interesting experiences, but this journey has the capability of changing the entire milieu, believe me. My recommendation for potential MBA candidate would be to check out one class session on-site/off-site and gain your first impression.

I am looking forward to posting another intermediate report end of 2020 for those of you, who wants to have more insights for the next couple of months. Feel free to get in touch with me for further questions.

Stay healthy and stay tuned!