My Part-time Master of Finance Journey
Master of Finance / 13 July 2022
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Part-time Master of Finance Class of 2023
Sina is currently studying the Part-time Master of Finance and is working at Partners Group in Switzerland. Before starting Frankfurt School she graduated with a Bachelor in international hospitality management from EHL Business School in Lausanne and worked for Swire Group in Hong Kong and Christie & Co in Munich.

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Two years ago, I was at a point where I was unsure what the future would bring. I was about to finish my bachelor’s degree in International Hospitality Management, but due to COVID, I was not sure if I should continue to study or start my professional journey. I began to look at both options but honestly speaking, I was discouraged by the numerous job descriptions telling me I need at least 3-to 5 years of job experience for entry-level positions.

Also, I was not sure in which field a master’s degree would help me to strengthen my professional profile. As a tip from my side, know your strengths and just try. Once I tried, I landed a job in the business development and management team at a private market investment firm. I thought, “great, I will start working and see where the journey will take me”, and I’m happy that it brought me to the part-time Master of Finance at Frankfurt School – offered in Hamburg.

Desire to grow 

While I started working, I learned a lot but noticed I still had knowledge gaps when it came to complex financial structures, connections in the finance industry and risk management matters. I quickly realized that finance is the field I want to deepen my knowledge and build my career. I started exploring my options to close these gaps and came across the part-time Master of Finance at Frankfurt School. After doing some research, I understood that the programme was perfect for me as it allows me to combine work and study, connects me to like-minded people, and offers a high-quality degree at one of Germany’s best business schools.

While at Frankfurt School

Now, after starting the programme, I know that it is the ideal programme for people like me. People who are indecisive and want to do and achieve everything at the same time. The part-time Master of Finance allows me to grow at the same time personally and professionally. Being part of the programme’s first intake is a great experience as my fellow students, and I get to shape and fine-tune the programme for future students. I would lie if I said it is always easy to combine studies with a high demanding job, but accepting the challenge and knowing that you are never alone on the journey helps me, and I also believe my fellow students to dream and get closer to our goals.