New Opportunities – Detours to Management Consulting
Career Services / 9 October, 2018
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Master in Management Class of 2015
Björn completed his bachelor’s in Environmental and Resource Management at Brandenburg University of Technology Cottbus. He then changed his focus field and went to the Frankfurt School of Finance & Management to complete the Master in Management in 2015. Now, he is working in management consulting for the 4C GROUP and has his focus fields in IT Strategy as well as IT Management for the financial sector.

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Deciding for a study course is not an easy thing to do. After finishing secondary school, then finalizing my A-levels and doing the obligatory year in Australia I had to choose what to do next. Study course or apprenticeship? Growing up in the former Eastern Germany and being the first one to go studying I was kind of lost. So, the green wave was upon Germany with the German nuclear exit on the horizon I jumped on the ship and started an engineering-oriented degree in environmental management. Especially, through my semester abroad in Sheffield I came into contact with business administration. It was there that I decided to finish my bachelor degree and join a top tear Business School. The Master in Management at Frankfurt School seemed the best fit for me. Looking back it was certainly the right choice. My fellow students also had various study backgrounds. We completed each other and allowed us to develop a holistic view collectively. The heavy emphasis on group work and decent workload really bound us together. Up until now I am in contact with a lot people from my 2015 class and with many I have a great friendship. Well, after always studying based on my interest it was time to find a fitting profession. Through the Frankfurt School I came into contact with management consulting.

My Journey from the Frankfurt School Career Fair to Consultant at 4C

After meeting 4C GROUP late 2015 at the Frankfurt School Career Fair I started management consulting in January 2016 there. My first project started around four weeks after my entry. We had our kick-off in the Messeturm, the 4C Frankfurt based office. Since then I have been working continuously for different clients. At the moment I am in the seventh project at the fourth client. My start was smooth, and I got a lot of support. From the first day I felt part of the team and starting in my very first project I got a lot of support from everyone around me. Certainly, it was an intense challenge but an experience I would not omit. Everyday I learn a lot from my colleagues as well as from the client.

Together with my colleagues up until now I took on challenges and supported clients in the manufacturing as well as financial services industry – from global service vendor consolidation initiatives to program management for a large IT transformation as well as developing new business models for an insurance company. What is so special about 4C is that you must take on responsibilities from day one and that you are working on projects that take the client forward. We burn for the client’s success.

The 4C culture is reflected in our analogy about rally car racing. Out client is steering, and we are the co-pilot navigating them to success. We go the distance together. To be able to deliver every day we offer a wide range of trainings. Besides our soft skill trainings with an external coach about presenting, interviewing as well as moderation for all new entries there are around eight to ten internal trainings every year. Furthermore, everyone can get external certifications as I did up until now every year.

Get more information from me at the FS Career Day this year. I am looking forward to it.