One month down: what I have so far learnt from the Part-Time MBA
Part-time MBA / 8 December, 2020
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Part-Time MBA class of 2022
Diana is Client Account Manager at Infor and a candidate for the Part-Time MBA class of 2022.

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More than a month ago, I started my part-time MBA journey at Frankfurt School. When I decided to join, it was already clear for me which good outcomes this step could bring to me and my career. All these perceptions combined with the fact that the part-time MBA would allow me to keep a full time job and also be in Hamburg, was a total GO for me.

What happened in the first month

Soon after I was able to start the program together with my classmates from the Hamburg and Frankfurt classes at the Frankfurt campus, I got to meet most of the people that I would be working with. This exponentially intensified on the first weekend when we spent it together at the Lufthansa Conference Hotel and participated in many exciting Team Building activities testing our abilities and attitudes.

Right after that, the first week of lectures in Frankfurt kicked off. Six Intense days of lectures occupied that week’s calendar. Topics like Global Economy and Competitive strategies made it possible for us to analyse real life cases and test our abilities to form interesting opinions about them. To my concern, it was truly interesting to see the different points of view, different ideas and different methods of analysis come together into one place.

At the end of the week, we went back to our regular working lives for 2 or 3 weeks, or so we thought. The period between the end of the first-week lectures and the beginning of the next one was approximately three weeks. To my surprise (and of others), those three weeks were not only used to “recover” from the intense time in Frankfurt but had to be used to prepare for the final assignments derived from the past lectures and also the ones for the lecture ahead. This time was, and I believe I am generalizing when I say that this is general perception, as intense as the first week.

Among group work, research, reading, presentations and regular Full time Job; we have successfully spent our very first month of the Part Time MBA. Probably, it has not been the most relaxing time of my life but it has surely been a very exciting and interesting one.

Where the gold is

With further topics like Corporate Social Responsibility, a long list of lectures to come, assignments, pending research and readings; it is most likely not necessary to mention how much we have learnt in a month. But there is something else that is adding a precious amount of value to prime the time we are investing; this is the Team of classmates and professors we get to work with.

Ever since the first lecture, I was mesmerized with the quality professors. The passion they put into their work, their long career Paths and experience are things that totally boost the experience.

The group of students sharing the journey with me is also one of the most valuable assets of this program. We are a group of people that is so similar and so different in several aspects, that it automatically enriches any discussion or work we do. It challenges us to strive for more, build better opinions, to be thrilled about what the other has to say, to be eager to learn about each other and to be humble and help one another.

In just one month I have learnt that doing an MBA is not about leading alone, it is not about acquiring plain knowledge on how to successfully lead a company or conquer the Business world, it is probably mostly about learning to lead when you know you can support the Team that is on the same ship as you, it is to learn and succeed through time when resilience is needed ,it is to push yourself to go the extra mile, it is about enjoying every time to have lectures, work with your team until late in the night, wake up early the next day and go to work. It is about loving it and so I do!