A One-Way Ticket from London to Frankfurt
Master in Management / 23 November, 2017
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Master in Management Class of 2019
Ioana is a Master in Management student Class of 2019, who completed her Bachelor's in London and then moved to Frankfurt to pursue her Master's.

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I completed my Bachelor degree at Cass Business School. London was a dream city: in my eyes it was undoubtedly one of the most influential European cities, with a strong economy and a welcoming, international atmosphere. Education in the United Kingdom is world-renowned and the Harry Potter storied added that extra bit of magic to the experience!

In recent years, however, a new spot in Europe was becoming more and more of a vibrant, international and modern city. Frankfurt’s reputation was growing across Europe and I always had this in mind. The Brexit historical vote pushed me to weigh up the pros and cons of staying in London and rethink my career strategy within Europe.

Whilst many consider Brexit as a step backwards, I decided to take two steps forward by moving to what was, for me, becoming the new London: Frankfurt. 

The current economic and social environment presents unique opportunities in the job market, particularly for young individuals like myself who want to advance in their career. To take advantage of all that, I needed to be in a position of strength where I would constantly be presented with new opportunities to network and gain relevant experience in a new country.

So of course, I decided to join the university with the best ranking for employability in Germany: Frankfurt School of Finance and Management. This was my plan in order to be fully prepared for what Frankfurt had to offer me for my career.

Just two months in and I am already experiencing the benefits. I study in a stimulating environment among ambitious students from all over the world. In that sense, studying at Frankfurt School is very similar to my studies in London. So what’s the difference?

The unique 3-day model that is only offered at Frankfurt School really was the main deal breaker for why I submitted my application. Frankfurt School provides you with 3 days per week to work part-time alongside your full-time studies, or if you are an international student like me, you could also dedicate this time to other activities, including learning German.

I was aware that we would actively be involved with guest lectures and company visits before I arrived but I what I didn’t expect was the infectious FS Spirit. There’s a great atmosphere at Frankfurt School, and it is so motivating to be surrounded by students who are studying and having fun whilst doing so.

Moving from London to Frankfurt was the most logical step for me, and being a Frankfurt School student makes the transition more exciting. I could only recommend the same to anyone that wants to succeed in the home city of European Central Bank, and now also my city: Frankfurt.