Bachelor - Bachelor of Science

Bachelor of Science

Applying to a German university as an international student
31 March, 2021
Giulia Queiroz Carreiro
Praxisprojekt als Finale der Vertiefung Wirtschaftsinformatik – Teil 2 Lessons Learned
8 April, 2021
Luca Steingen
Praxisprojekt als Finale der Vertiefung Wirtschaftsinformatik – Teil 1 Projektaufgabe
8 April, 2021
Peter Roßbach
Responsible AI?
18 December, 2020
Prof. Dr. Sebastian Köhler
Hard Seltzer is here to stay – How I founded my own company during the BSc at FS
5 February, 2021
Jonathan Georg
How to prepare for Uni life – 10 Things to know!
27 January, 2021
Giulia Queiroz Carreiro
Why I enjoy working with MPE students
25 November, 2020
Prof. Dr. Christine Tiefensee
Being an exchange student at FS: My visit to Mainhattan
15 December, 2020
Cédric Alston
Listen up!
12 November, 2020
Jutta Zeko
Virtual Career Day: Outperforming expectations
18 November, 2020
Christian Siemens
Frankfurt School Student Consulting berät PfefferminzGreen pro bono
7 November, 2020
Florian Sommerbauer
SMART in die Zukunft
22 October, 2020
Natali Schlarb Fernandez
Learning how to reason: Why we chose MPE
4 November, 2020
Julia Schymura
Entrepreneurship meets the Swiss Alps: winning the ETH InCube challenge 2020
21 October, 2020
Lucia Ariel Hotti
Mein Praktikum bei einem M&A FinTech in Berlin
30 September, 2020
Finn Jankowiak