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Why I Chose the Master in Management
8 February, 2021
Stefan Höflich
Master in Management: Digital Business, Technology & Operations Concentration
16 February, 2021
Aika Bolat
Creating a Startup while Pursuing my Master's degree
15 February, 2021
Rene Morgan
Starting a Master's during COVID: What can you expect?
27 January, 2021
Paul Leibrock
The Journey of a Macedonian Frankfurt School Alumna
11 February, 2021
Sanja Mitrovska
A Great Combination of Theory & Practical Experience – Make Use of It!
11 February, 2021
Tobias Biesenbach
Women in Private Equity: Industry Insights
26 October, 2020
Katharina Porenta
Master in Management: People, Management & Organisations Concentration
5 February, 2021
Aika Bolat
Frankfurt School – Countless Opportunities to Connect with the Job Market
5 February, 2021
Claudia Vandamme
Studying & working in Frankfurt: the 2-year journey of a Dutch student
8 October, 2020
Foeke IJntema
Master of Finance Students Win Prestigious Research Fellowship
29 January, 2021
Aika Bolat
Master in Management: Data & Business Analytics Concentration
19 January, 2021
Mirko Kremer
Mein Weg zum Master in Corporate Performance and Restructuring
23 June, 2020
Ivan Bilic Nosic
Als Kommunikator im Master in Corporate Performance & Restructuring
13 November, 2020
Sebastian Urthaler
Working and Studying as a Brit in Germany
7 November, 2020
Maximilian Arzt-Jones