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Master of Finance

Women in Private Equity: Industry Insights
26 October, 2020
Katharina Porenta
Working and Studying as a Brit in Germany
7 November, 2020
Maximilian Arzt-Jones
Finding a Cooperation Position without Fluent German
19 October, 2020
Sharvi Lohani
Semester Opening & Executive Talk at ECB
3 March, 2020
Nicole Sarmiento
A Spaniard Studying and Working in Frankfurt
8 October, 2020
Lucas Schwarz Parra
My Master studies in times of COVID-19 and online classes
14 September, 2020
Tobias Biesenbach
How the Master of Finance led me to my Investment Banking Career
5 February, 2020
Yulia Botsman
My experience as a Private Equity Intern
14 September, 2020
Daniel Schex
Hands-on Startup Summer Workshop at FS
12 August, 2020
Aika Bolat
From Physics to Finance
12 November, 2018
Dimitrios Diplaris
New era of Chinese FDI in Germany: Potential tightening of investment screening
6 July, 2020
Kuang Hou
Working Student Diary: Commerzbank
9 June, 2020
Birgit Stock
Why the MoF at Frankfurt School?
25 May, 2020
Lianna Mirzoyan
Working Student Diary: Private Equity Analyst at
18 May, 2020
Menno Branger