PTMBA Journey: A Focus on You for the Game
Part-time MBA / 9 February, 2021
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Part-Time MBA Class of 2022
Vijaykumar is currently studying in the Part-time MBA Programme at Frankfurt School – Campus Hamburg. He is an Aerospace professional and works as System Responsible at Airbus Commercial.

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One might wonder, why a father of two infants, working a regular job during a pandemic would think to pursue his Part-time MBA. It was the most needed step mainly for my self-development with a particular focus. Pursuing this at a pandemic has been very beneficial to my personal situation so far. For many, the purpose of doing an MBA is primarily to further career or change professional stream. It is an added advantage. I made sure my commitments do not stop me in my personal development process. Therefore, I started my Part-time MBA  at Frankfurt School – Campus Hamburg.

Understand the Game

MBA: these three letters are interpreted in so many ways as per needs and exposure. Be it a Doctor, Engineer, Lawyer, Entrepreneur, etc.,  each individual perceives it from their own experiences, influences, and mentorships they have come across. Being an aerospace engineer, I had similar view almost a decade ago. Over years, I learned that an MBA means a lot more than relating to your current or future career. It is a way to better understand how the world around us operates. The core concepts which drive every single decision made for us or on behalf of us are driven by business. At this point of time, we can either play the game or be a spectator. I chose to play the game, as I want to be in the driver seat of my future. To do that, I need to train with the best coaches. Win or lose, the experience and knowledge gained by involving oneself is priceless.

The Field

The Frankfurt School recruiting team has actively supported every single step of getting to know the way. After talking to some of the classmates, I knew this is the right group to learn and grow. I was convinced, this is where I can develop and train myself while maintaining my originality. Personally, I view this as the most important aspect of doing anything. So far, I have enjoyed the conversations and discussions, which are the basis of this learning process. With a rich pool of experienced and knowledgeable teachers, FS was clearly the best place for me to train for the game. Moreover, MBA is just the beginning of a lifelong learning process, as the school has tailored the courses with current market needs and offers a Life-Long-Learning with its esteemed Alumni and professional network.

Train Hard for It!

Now comes the most important player of this game: YOU. As I mentioned in the beginning, every individual has their own perception. From the time I decided to go for it, I knew what it meant for me. You are the output of this study, neither the grades nor the methods you learn during the course. Your ability to adapt these learnings and implement them to solve issues and finding new opportunities should be the focus. How you absorb this information and utilize it to improve yourself is another by-product. Like any new game needs, I took my time to learn the basic rules of this game. First step was to improve the way of looking at things, working on issues from a different perspective. This led to increased exposure to inspirations and mentors outside my normal network. Now I am training myself at Frankfurt School to be able to play this game at a league of my choosing.

In conclusion, I encourage you to “learn, train and play the game to shape the future for self and others.”