On the road to New York
FS Life / 9 November, 2015
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Bachelor of Banking and Finance '19
Bachelor of Banking and Finance '19

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After watching the after movie of the FSMUN 15’ delegation for the first time I immediately felt that this initiative was not like the others. I really liked the fact that the initiative is not only showing the theoretical side of this enormous event but is progressing by participating in the biggest Model United Nations conference. While reading the annual report I was and still am very convinced that the initiative is growing by the year in expertise, something that they have also proven by receiving a certificate for honorable mention delegation and the position paper award. These factors were only an extra motivation and confirmation for my participation.

In the week towards the Workshop in Wiesbaden all the participants gained access to the Dropbox with a list of whom they will be working with and what country they will be representing. The thing that caught my eye was that the FS MUN heads tried to make the delegations as diverse as possible with students put together from different years, courses and even countries. It is something that makes FS MUN unique, as it indirectly makes a community within the Frankfurt School that brings students together from all years and courses to perform and succeed together.

As the conference started, the first objective was to hold speeches to find the first topic. Therefore nearly every delegation held a speech on their perspective, which in my opinion is one of the most important parts of the meeting. Making a good speech on your country’s views on a certain topic is very important for all delegations. The main reason is that it is very useful strategically, as you can find delegations with aligning views. The goal is to create a working group to work on future draft resolutions.

FSMUN Picture Wiesbaden

The next step was to write all of our aligning thoughts down to have a proper overview to make the first resolution draft. By working efficiently we managed to be the first group to finish the draft.

Despite the fact that we only had the workshop for one day and a half, everyone was very proud to finish up the resolutions. The thing I liked most was to contribute my own knowledge as well as my experience about the given topics to my working group. This resulted in having a professional and realizable resolution.

Although the weekend ended in fatigue, everyone went home happy, proud and looking forward to represent our school at the NMUN in the “Big Apple”. See you in New York City!