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Robo advice – the future in private wealth management?

December 13, 2017
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The most challenging questions for the future of wealth management:
“ What will be the impact of robo advice on digital business models?”
“ Will traditional providers be replaced?”

At Frankfurt School, we integrate our teaching with company visits and guest lectures, giving students the opportunity to discuss and ask questions on current issues in business and finance. Mr. C. Neuhaus, Managing Director of LIQUD, visited Frankfurt School to speak directly to our students about the digitalisation of private wealth management.

Whilst there is much concern around robo advice in wealth management, Neuhaus, pointed out that it is not  the robo advice and automatic allocation of assets that need to be addressed, rather the digitalisation of private wealth management as a whole and its end goal, the “Digital Ecosystem for Wealth Management”, where all aspects of wealth management will be integrated provided digitally. 

This would mean that customer demands such as convenience, speed, low management fees and personalized services could be fully covered in one (virtual) place. Whilst this may sound practical, Neuhaus stated: “The big challenge for the digital business model will be how much personal customer care clients need when capital markets are collapsing?”

The guest lecture closed with discussions on the topic, giving Frankfurt School students the opportunity to network and ask questions on the current developments of digital wealth management.

Gaining new contacts, exposure to new insights and feedback from professionals is a highlight of the Frankfurt School Master of Finance. There’s more going on than just learning in the classroom and it’s essential that you experience this in preparation for your career.

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