The Life Changing Impact of the Healthcare MBA
Study / 28 February, 2019
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MBA IHM Class of 2019
Peter joined the IHM MBA in October 2017. He enjoys the mobility of the IHM MBA and has relocated to Singapore since starting the programme.

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The IHM international residential modules give you the unique opportunity to visit hospitals and benchmark companies in the healthcare sector. We are able to connect with real experts, gain insights into different healthcare systems and broaden our global network.

Our social network is so strong, even when we are not in the classroom due to working on team assignments, and sometimes we plan to spend days together, doing additional trips, before or after the modules. This type of collaborative, productive and collegial social network cannot be found anywhere else but the Frankfurt School IHM MBA program.

Being part of such an international group makes a huge difference to the learning environment. There is a huge benefit in travelling for the modules, rather than having all of the modules in Frankfurt.

I started my business in Hungary, where I am from. I have since expanded to Germany, the Ukraine, Vietnam, and Laos, and I am always on the lookout for more business opportunities.

The Frankfurt School International Healthcare Management (IHM) MBA offers a range of modules held all over the world. One of the modules, which focuses on process and value chain management, quality, improvement and risk management systems in healthcare, was held in Singapore.

Although I have businesses in Southeast Asia, this was the first time I visited Singapore and my first opportunity to explore. I was so impressed by the country and culture that I considered extending my business to Singapore.

After completing the IHM MBA module, I returned to Singapore soon after. This time with my entire family, for one week. We explored more of Singapore and thought about if we would like to live there. We then looked into schools and I decided that as long as my family is happy, we would move to Singapore. Within 24 hours we had made the decision to relocate and left Hungary for Singapore 4 months later.

The IHM MBA has changed many aspects of my life. It has developed my management skills and made me more effective in the work place, and I have created new companies in collaboration with my classmates. One is already established and a few others are still in the planning stages.

To anyone who is thinking about the program, I would say apply right away. The IHM MBA offers you the unique opportunity to meet people from a range of backgrounds and to work closely with people from 20 different countries, a truely international experience.