The Power of the EMBA Network: General Counsel Powerlist
Executive MBA / 1 December, 2019
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Executive MBA Class of 2021
Yasemin is an internationally experienced management and legal professional and an Executive MBA class of 2021 candidate.

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I am a Turkish born German lawyer with international work experience in Africa and South East Asia and national work experience in Germany. I have been working as an in-house lawyer for more than four years. My focus as an in-house lawyer is to never give up on the existence of “plan B”, have a business focused mindset and be open minded on innovation and change.

Executive MBA at Frankfurt School

Last year in October, I started my Executive MBA experience at Frankfurt School. My affinity to business and to a strategic involvement in business were my reasons to join the Executive MBA program. The Module including Digitalization was one of the decision makers for Frankfurt School. The EMBA programme covers current topics and is always adapting to new trends in the business world.

General Counsel Powerlist

In November 2019 I have been included in the General Counsel Powerlist 2019 for the German region by The Legal 500 (Legalease Inc.). I feel very honored and thankful for this recognition, which is based on an analysis of capabilities of legal professionals and law firms. The General Counsel Powerlist is focused solely on listing the best inhouse lawyers from a specific region. Criteria for election is to be an influential and innovative in-house counsel.

Recipe for Growth by Adding Legal to Business

My recognition is based on the fact that I strongly believe in innovation (including technological innovation). I do not believe in something being impossible at first sight and am strongly business minded. As a good in-house-lawyer you need to be able to understand the business model and the needs, strength and weaknesses of every department. If the legal department is involved in strategic decisions e.g. with regards to vertical or horizontal expansion, some “post-expansion-headache” by having created overly high cost and complicated structures can be avoided. Therefore, I strongly believe that a “business mind” mixed with a “legal mind” is a good recipe for growth. Last but not least, such recipe requires today the spices called “innovation” and “technology” to be sustainable.

The Power of the EMBA Network

Being a part of the EMBA programme, I am happy to share my knowledge and experience with my fellow classmates who are all successful business professionals as well. In addition, of course everybody else brings his or her achievements and experience to the classroom, which makes it a very powerful and strong network.