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Study / 26 August, 2014
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Head of Marketing
Oliver Matthews is Head of Marketing at Frankfurt School and responsible for brand development and all marketing assets. He has worked for 14 years in education marketing and recruitment with experience in many countries around the world.

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Welcome to the Frankfurt School Blog! Over the past months our team has been working to develop this site where students, faculty and staff can share content that reflects the life, porgrammes and broad range of national and international projects at Frankfurt School. We hope that the Frankfurt School Blog will become a window through which anyone can observe the life at our business school. In an era where digital media reigns supreme, it is important that an organisation develops and invests in these sort of platforms and uses them to promote the achievements of students, alumni and faculty. In the past few years, Frankfurt School has grown considerably and is moving closer to reaching for its goal of becoming a top five European business school by the year 2020. This blog will serve as one tool amongst many for increasing awareness of our university internationally.

Furthermore, as a private university we are very much focused on creating and delivering an extraordinary learning-environment and experience for our students. This blog will allow any student to share their experiences at our university with prospective students, friends and colleagues. These real, authentic accounts of life at FS have already proven to be influential, deciding factors for future students and are showcased by the success of our Student Ambassador programme. The blog will allow our Student Ambassadors to share their experiences at FS anywhere in the world, at any time of day.

Finally, it is important that we equip our students with the proper knowledge and tools to be successful once they leave our halls. The blog will serve this function by allowing students to curate a body of work that they have imagined, researched, written, and recorded. A prospective employer’s quick Google search will reveal a body of content generated by an eloquent, intelligent, provocative and insightful student. In this way, students are able to use their blog contributions to help build and develop their own brand.

In closing, we’d like to welcome you again to the Frankfurt School Blog. We look forward to helping you become part of this project. If you are interested in contributing, please write to and we will create an account for you.