Why Frankfurt? Why Frankfurt School?
Frankfurt am Main / 4 October, 2016
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Alisa is responsible for recruitment and marketing for our MBA programmes.

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So you’re considering Frankfurt School but you’re not entirely sure what you’d be letting yourself in for and you’re not too familiar with the city either?  Well I’m new to Frankfurt and thought it would be worth sharing a few of my experiences with you,  as well as letting you know how you’d be welcomed to Frankfurt School.

Firstly, I can tell you that you’d be choosing a great city by pursuing your education in the economic hub of continental Europe. Frankfurt School’s wide network of corporate connections means there are always plenty of opportunities to attend talks and seminars by guest speakers in addition to your studies. You’ll receive advice to carry with you throughout your education and career, and eventually pass on to others too.

The FS Outdoor Campus is one of the first things students experience during the orientation week. Two days in the countryside packed with fun, team building and new friends will leave you full of energy and ready for your international learning experience.  When back on campus, you’ll get a real feel for the environment through attending inductions and campus tours – ask all the questions you need!

Frankfurt city ranks #7 in the world for quality of life and the Master of Finance was ranked #1 in Germany by the Financial Times, making it a no-brainer as to why you would want to both live and study in this business driven city.

I’ve not been living in Frankfurt for long, and coming from London, a huge city, some people couldn’t understand why I would want to leave. But I can assure you that Frankfurt provides all the benefits of a vibrant city life:

  1. It’s international! Surrounded by different types of people, cultures and languages, I found it easy to fit in as a newbie and became comfortable pretty quickly. International experience will boost your CV, making you stand out from the pool of applicants who also apply for the job you’ll have your heart set on.
  1. Frankfurt Main River provides you with a beautiful view of the skyline. You can take boat trips down the river, and not only is it a great place to relax or go for a stroll, but numerous events take place on the river throughout the year. The Museum Embankment Festival was on not long after I arrived; a festival for all full of music, foods from around the world and a triumphant firework display to close!
  1. The night life definitely won’t let you down. A diverse population needs a diverse nightlife; pubs, bars and clubs all within easy reach – Frankfurt provides something for everyone, not to mention the array of restaurants!
  1. And yes, Frankfurt may not be huge, but the convenience of living in a small city has been extremely beneficial. It is easy to get from A to B and there is no need to worry about missing the last train, as everywhere is only a short taxi ride away.

Excellent education at a top business university in Germany, located in the centre of Frankfurt – Europe’s economic hub, the most thriving international city in the country.

So how do you apply?

It’s simple! Our online application process is now open: begin right away or feel free to contact me to ask any questions or book a consultation.