Why I chose an Executive MBA
Executive MBA / 27 March, 2019
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Executive MBA Class of 2019
Arun Wadhawan is a German Executive MBA participant at Frankfurt School, graduation class of 2019. Arun has a Master degree in Computer Science and 8+ years of professional work experience. He is currently a Team Leader, professional service at Axians Networks & Solutions GmbH in Frankfurt.

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After being a Team Lead (Professional Service) for many years I realized that if I want to develop further to a senior management position and become a C-Level manager, I have to acquire business knowledge in order to progress in my career. It is essential to have the right know how and to speak the same language as other C-Level managers. Furthermore, understand their main concerns and contribute to build and run the business by establishing a solid business plan. My vision was to build my own business and therefore I required the necessary know how. As a Computer Scientist, I had to acquire more business knowledge and I knew that the Executive MBA would provide me with the knowledge and tools to do so.

Why Frankfurt School?

I chose Frankfurt School for its ideal location and profound network. I enjoyed the personal approach throughout the admissions process and have been able to easily fit the study schedule in with my work schedule. I initially applied for the Part-time MBA but the close attention and evaluation of the admissions process meant that I was advised to join the Executive MBA. I would strongly recommend having a consultation with the MBA recruitment team so that you can find out what programme most suits your profile.

Looking back at my Executive MBA

As I come to the end of my Executive MBA, I can say that the people I have studied with have strongly contributed to my experience. Working on case studies with my international and experienced classmates allowed me to expand my knowledge, challenge my perspectives and gain insights from different industries. Networking is just as important as attending the classes, this is something you should definitely take advantage of.

My most significant Executive MBA experience

I wish I could pin-point just one but I’ve had tonnes of great experiences! The elective in Tel-Aviv was an outstanding experience for me and good for all of us to engage with each other as a group in a new country. We achieved a lot during the thesis period, establishing a business plan as a team, which was then accepted by my company – a great success! I have achieved more than I ever anticipated before starting the programme and not only have I established a global network but I now also have friends for life from all over the world.

The Executive MBA at Frankfurt School was a challenging and busy but also very rewarding experience. Now I feel ready for more senior positions and the challenges that come with it.