Working Student Diary: Chom Capital
Bachelor / 4 October, 2018
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BSc in Business Administration Class of 2020
Daniel Schafei is a multilingual student pursuing his Bachelor of Science in Business Administration with the focus on Banking and Finance. In addition to his studies, he is working part-time and is also an ambassador for Frankfurt School.

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As a full-time bachelor student at Frankfurt School, one may think that focusing on the study is the first priority, however, as I have experienced, combining theory with an actual experience can give much better understanding and knowledge. Therefore, since my first semester at FS I have been working parallel to the study. For students, who are like me, looking for an opportunity to get work experience during the study, Frankfurt school’s job portal is a great help. Through this portal I found an asset management boutique CHOM CAPITAL, where I got a working student position and had a possibility to learn more about the financial markets.

Working student vs intern

The main difference between being an intern versus being a working student is that when you are a working student, you need to be in the office only 2-3 times a week, whereas an internship requires you to be there for a full working week. The struggle is that when you have a full-time study, it is difficult to squeeze work into your schedule, even if it is a working student position. However, sometimes it is possible to find a company that allows a flexible schedule, which solves the problem. That was the case at CHOM CAPITAL, where I could arrange my working schedule in a way that would fit well my study timetable.

My experience at CHOM CAPITAL

During my experience at CHOM CAPITAL I realized that there are many advantages of getting experience in a boutique rather than in a large corporation. Firstly, as the team is relatively small with low hierarchy, all team members are very approachable, which gives the opportunity to learn without any barriers from highly-experienced portfolio managers and managing directors. Secondly, this also gives a possibility to work on a wide range of tasks with different emphases and levels of difficulty, which allows to get insights in many areas, such as company analysis, buy-side research for stocks, sales and portfolio management. Moreover, often you are trained for large, identifiable and complex tasks, which then become solely your responsibilities. This gives the opportunity to see your own progress and the value that your work adds to the company. Seeing that your effort contributes to the success of the company is an additional motivator that encourages learning and improves the results.

Starting early makes a difference

I am very glad that I have had several opportunities to get a valuable experience. I think it is great to work as a student, as you get the first impression from the actual work while you are still studying. University gives theoretical knowledge, therefore, it is a big plus if by the time you graduate, you already know how a real practical experience feels like, how to cooperate with people and to work efficiently. Moreover, this experience can also help you to understand what exactly interests you and what you would like to pursue in your future career. Of course, one of the best parts is that you not only get a useful experience, but also meet great people!