Working Student Diary: MHP - A Porsche Company
Master in Applied Data Science / 29 August 2019
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Master in Applied Data Science Class of 2020
Sitong is a Master in Applied Data Science student with a bachelor in German. She works at MHP – A Porsche Company and is part of Frankfurt School’s Ambassador programme.

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By the end of this month, I’ll have been working at the MHP Management and Consulting – Frankfurt Office for six months. I am honoured to have the opportunity to keep working in this vigorous project team and am willing to share my exciting yet challenging journey as a working student in Big Data & IoT Cluster in MHP Frankfurt Office.

Why MHP?

I chose MHP due to its high reputation in IT Consulting with a specialisation in Automotive Industries. I was determined to work in a position to compliment my Master in Applied Data Science programme where we have the 3-day study model. At MHP I can not only develop Digitalisation and Business Intelligence strategies for companies, but also implement them with my programming and machine learning skill sets to make direct impact and solve real business problems. Luckily, I was accepted to work on such a project thanks to my python programming and data analysis skills which were developed within the first year of my studies at Frankfurt School.

My day-to-day as a Working Student

Together with my project team which consists of both consultants and manager, all with academic background in computer science, we help our client, an international supermarket chain, analyse their data regarding internal time duration of employee processing activities, build dashboard for daily and weekly data visualisation in branch, country, international levels and further build prediction model for benchmarking to improve overall productivity. Due to the wide coverage of technology requirements including data engineering, data analytics, machine learning and atomisation, I was able to apply what we learned about data processing and modelling at university directly to real business data at work, which helps me massively to further understand the technology and strengthen my relevant skills. Moreover, I acquired my soft engineering experience through my individual task of Code Modularisation which I lacked before joining the team. Every completion of a task from my side is followed by a thorough review and testing from another team member, where professional suggestions are given to me for further optimisation of the task.

In addition to hard skills which I profoundly improved through my work here at MHP, I am able to participate in business development sessions, which are also typical tasks of being an IT consultant. New concepts are efficiently developed during internal team meetings or together with clients, where I have the chance to exchange my business understanding and analytics thinking on data with my team freely and develop my own concepts and further implement them in the projects.

Knowledge in and out of the classroom

MHP has offered me an ideal working environment. Apart from cooperating and communicating within my team in an agile working style, we also constantly share projects and ideas with consultants in different departments in coffee area, lunch break and office events.

I am grateful for having the opportunity to work at MHP, and the 3-day model of my master programme enables me the possibility to apply my knowledge in data analytics and management strategies acquired from classes to real business challenges at work.