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Master in Management / 7. Juni 2016
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Student Recruiter - Master Programmes
With more than 6 years of international experience, Niklas is responsible for the recruitment and marketing activities for the Master Programmes at Frankfurt School.


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Increase your employer appeal with a semester abroad during your Master’s at Frankfurt School! 

Do you want to work for an international company? What are the chances that your future employer is looking for a candidate who had at least some form of international exposure? Thinking about this makes it very clear: Today’s business world demands international experience! With an ongoing globalization, employers worldwide expect and call for intercultural competence.

At Frankfurt School you get the ultimate package:

  1.      Earn a Master’s degree
  2.      Opportunity to gain work experience with the 3-day model and
  3.      The option for an exchange semester in a foreign land!

Partnering with over 100 universities worldwide plus the option to earn your credits at any accredited and by us approved university in the world; Frankfurt School provides great opportunities to develop the student’s international mindset.

Over the last 3 years more than 120 Frankfurt School Master students completed a semester abroad. They studied in 31 countries at 61 universities, of which 21 were non-partner universities. This gives the student great flexibility when choosing the perfect school to complete an exchange semester.

As revealed, you have a broad range of schools in many different countries to select from when studying at Frankfurt School, but here are the Top 4 destinations (countries and universities) where students chose to study abroad over the past 3 years:

Top 4 Countries Top 4 Universities
1. Argentina 1. University of San Andrés (Buenos Aires, Argentina)
2. Austraila 2. San Diego State University (San Diego, USA)
3. USA 3. Bond University (Gold Coast, Australia)
4. China 4. Columbia University (New York City, USA)


Frankfurt School has the network to make your dream of studying in a foreign country reality. It gives you the chance and advantage to earn your remaining credits at some of the coolest places on the earth!  

A semester abroad can be beneficial to a student’s career in many ways. Visiting a foreign country for a longer period of time gives you the chance to get a feel for another culture, understand their ways and learn how they do business. This experience is very valuable as it makes you interculturally aware in regards to international business affairs and interpersonal communication with your foreign co-workers. Speaking from experience, you do not only come across people from the country that you are going to, but rather meet international students from all over the world as well. Ergo you get to know even more cultures and gain an even better understanding about global business relations.

There should be no hesitation when considering an exchange semester, no fear of different ways! The experience a semester abroad can give you will benefit you now and in your future life. Most certainly will it give you an edge, when applying for a job at an international company!

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