The first ever Master in Blockchain & Digital Assets Block Week
25. November 2022
Hagai Leal
How to build an authentic network in a post-pandemic era – Viva la Vida at FS
23. November 2022
Francesca Paganelli
Basel IV: Umsetzung in der EU
21. November 2022
Annette Blank
The FS Pre-University Foundation Programme – materialising future careers
11. November 2022
Aaryan Kulkarni
A rendezvous with healthcare entrepreneurs during my MBA module in Singapore
18. November 2022
Lisa Jungheim
Study trip to Prague: firm handshakes and autumn bells
17. November 2022
Runjiao Liu
How the MBA in International Healthcare Management has defined my career
7. November 2022
Cátia Vieira
Studying in Frankfurt: the German 'Mainhattan'
15. November 2022
Javier Burbano
Austausch mit FS Absolvierenden – so hat mich das Mentoring-Programm bereichert
14. November 2022
Dominik Schulz
Combining Data-Driven Strategy, Execution and Management
29. September 2022
Denis Loechel
Perfectionism – a double-edged sword
10. November 2022
Kai Golan Hashiloni
Rediscovering our relationship with Nature – beyond profit and optimisation
4. November 2022
María José Valverde
My journey from mechanical engineering to an MBA at FS
2. September 2022
Miguel Novillo-Suarez
How FS welcomed the new Master in Management intake
1. November 2022
Sarah König
Frankfurt School Career Day – my journey from applicant to representative
31. Oktober 2022
Maximilian Richter