Immobilienfinanzierung: Theorie & Praxis mit dem Bankfachwirt-Studium verknüpfen
5. Mai 2022
Alexander Kustermann
M&A zwischen Corona-Pandemie und Ukraine-Krieg
18. Mai 2022
Prof. Dr. Christoph Schalast
The Central Bank Digital Currency will change everything – Maybe.
12. Mai 2022
Joachim Bald
An Entrepreneurial Deep Dive: how the Executive MBA elevated my business mindset
7. April 2022
Jason Jacobs
Wie die kompetenzbasierten Workshops meinen Erfolg förderten
4. Mai 2022
Abdullah Melik Yildiz
My one goal: to continue learning
3. Mai 2022
Yeoul Jinny Son
Studying the Spread of Knowledge: Social Epistemology and Computational Modelling
5. April 2022
Prof. Dr. Rainer Hegselmann
How my experience in Journalism and Social Sciences translates into Management
2. Mai 2022
Maximilian Roesgen
My story as a Marketer in the part-time MBA
29. April 2022
Mark Pflaumbaum
Navigating the biodiversity crisis: notes for the financial sector
31. März 2022
Elizabeth Tamayo Tabares
Are SMEs ready for ESG Reporting? Opportunities and Challenges
28. April 2022
Alexandra B. Kinywamaghana
Why I decided to pursue my passion for Data Science
25. April 2022
Shivam Agrawal
How I successfully transited to a new industry during my master's
24. März 2022
Christiane Zhao
Why an MBA today and not tomorrow
14. April 2022
Sivaraj Ravi
Combining Medicine with Economics in my International Healthcare MBA
12. April 2022
Dr. med. Erik Wegner