Studium - MBA


My MBA in International Healthcare – a truly transformational life experience
14. Januar 2022
Leanne Taylor
My fear about not fitting into the Executive MBA 
19. Januar 2022
Carola Ebert
Enjoying my ride to Frankfurt School
8. Dezember 2021
Marcos Salla
How the Full-time MBA helped me prepare for a career change
27. August 2021
Stefanos Varntanian
Back to school – My first weeks as a Part-time MBA student
24. November 2021
Benjamin Behnke
My journey towards the MBA in International Healthcare Management
17. November 2021
Janny Lee
Dancing into the Executive MBA
6. April 2021
Jason Jacobs
Pursuing my Full-time MBA with determination
16. November 2021
Hernan Calderon
Why I chose to do an MBA in International Healthcare during a global crisis
29. Oktober 2021
Paolo Motosso
Why I decided to start an MBA during Corona time
23. Februar 2021
Marie-Rose Wagner
How I came to realise the importance of education
29. Oktober 2021
Andrew Casavecchia
Exploring the world of business, finance and management through a Full-time MBA
13. Oktober 2021
Shirley Lu
My new role: Lawyer to Business operations with an EMBA
7. Januar 2021
Kari Foss
People, planet & profit – my Executive MBA module in Paris
14. September 2021
William Callegari
Starting a new job while writing my MBA Thesis in International Healthcare
9. August 2021
Stephan Wittke