Studium - MBA


Leadership and collaboration: Lessons from Saudi Arabia's transformation
27. März 2024
Dr. Maram Mobara
Navigating Growth: Charting My Course Through the Frankfurt School Executive MBA
10. Mai 2024
Nischita Prasad
MBA: Not just a degree but a turning point in your career
5. April 2024
Ilker Yildiz
From Manila to Mainhattan: My EMBA journey
20. März 2024
Mary Joy Mendiola
Bridging Engineering and Marketing in MBA International Healthcare Management
7. Februar 2024
Johannes Jäger
From classrooms to boardrooms: Unveiling Healthcare Finance and Leadership
4. Januar 2024
Ali Aleid
Grow personally and professionally by pursuing an MBA: Advantages & reflections
26. Februar 2024
Michael Knowlton
From nurse to healthcare leader: my MBA journey in Healthcare Management
1. November 2023
Francisco Ferreira
The empowering message of music & role models: How they inspired me to study for Executive MBA
2. Oktober 2023
Tina Van Hoecke
Digital Transformation and AI: A road map for industries and tech firms
12. Januar 2024
Srinivasa Pappala
Journey into healthcare innovation: my MBA module at Johns Hopkins
18. August 2023
Woei Teoh
How to achieve work-life balance while studying for your EMBA
11. August 2023
Erekle Tolordava
My incredible EMBA journey and the unwavering support of Frankfurt School
16. November 2023
Mridula Singh
Embracing ambiguity
3. August 2023
Gaetano Fusillo
Transformation in real-time: An inspiring module in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
5. Juli 2023
Marisa Pavlovskis