Studium - MBA


My journey from mechanical engineering to an MBA at FS
2. September 2022
Miguel Novillo-Suarez
People, Planet, Profit: a trend or a business essential?
19. September 2022
Patricia Oliveira
Moving out of my comfort zone into an inspiring network
25. August 2022
Carlos Torres
Working full-time in Berlin and studying part-time in Hamburg
22. Juli 2022
Nicoleta Bujicu
Full-time MBA class visit to Messer Group’s Office
15. August 2022
Mallidi Harshitha
One year later: reflecting on my Executive MBA journey
29. Juli 2022
Angelo Gibaldo
How my MBA contributes to female empowerment in healthcare
22. Februar 2022
Nana Beth Kgosidintsi
My Part-time MBA – A journey of growth, acceptance and courage
20. Juli 2022
Ewa-Ade Adeyemo
Cognate: Finding your Ikigai
7. Juli 2022
Alejandro Paschalides
My MBA in International Healthcare – a truly transformational life experience
14. Januar 2022
Leanne Taylor
Overcoming the trap of fear
1. Juli 2022
Rasha Oudeh
The perfect time to start something new is now
3. Juni 2022
Dr. Barbara Drexler
How the Full-time MBA helped me prepare for a career change
27. August 2021
Stefanos Varntanian
My one goal: to continue learning
3. Mai 2022
Yeoul Jinny Son
My story as a Marketer in the part-time MBA
29. April 2022
Mark Pflaumbaum