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Student Initiatives

5 Tipps für deinen Studienstart an der Frankfurt School
8. August 2022
Alisia Gahabka
FS Chance – Erfahrungen von Studierenden
19. September 2023
Josephine Lerch
FS Student Consulting – Somewhere between a student and consultant
16. August 2023
Hannes Dörting
Breaking the bias: Women in Business and Tech at FS
8. Juli 2022
Zeena Jaber
Introducing FS MUN and the National Model United Nations Conference
1. August 2023
Nick Wenzlaff
Exploring banking & consulting scene: Adventures from the FS MUN New York trip
3. Juli 2023
Lea Kutschera
FS Women in Business – a platform to connect, network, learn, and grow
18. November 2021
Mona Jasmin Baumann
Behind the scenes at UN: FS MUN delegates visited UN Headquarters after hours
1. Juni 2023
Lucas Bastian
Inside the prestigious NMUN Conference: FS delegation's exhilarating journey
11. Mai 2023
Yelyzaveta Bondarenko
Stop hiding who you are and express your true colours
26. Mai 2021
Mona Jasmin Baumann
FS Students Participate in the PRME Global Students Programme
3. Mai 2023
Jan Brauch
FS Chance – Ein lebensverändernder Einfluss
3. Februar 2023
Josephine Lerch
FS life in hybrid mode – challenges and solutions for the StuCo team
28. April 2021
Giulia Kipp
How to build an authentic network in a post-pandemic era – Viva la Vida at FS
23. November 2022
Francesca Paganelli
FS Fashion Business: Getting a glimpse into the fashion industry
23. August 2022
Niharinth Selva