Studium - Masters


A 4-month CFA research journey with Lufthansa
31. Mai 2024
Gaoqiang Xiao
Navigating Regulations: Work & Study in Germany as an international student
3. Juli 2024
Kartikey Malik
Climate Change and Financial Inclusion
26. Juni 2024
Ricardo A. Estrada Villalta
Switching gears: Transitioning from Engineering to Management
15. April 2024
Rahul Jain
Navigating New Horizons after the MSc Finance at Frankfurt School
22. Mai 2024
Xinyao Li
Cooperation Company Project: A Journey Through Retail Location Analysis
24. April 2024
Rhushikesh Bhosale
Tips for online interview success
8. März 2024
Ella Fox
Ökonomische und juristische Expertise für den Finanz- und Kapitalmarkt
15. März 2024
Franz Schlothofer
Wie man ein überzeugendes Motivationsschreiben verfasst
1. März 2024
Ella Fox
Studying and living in Frankfurt: An international student's experience
9. Februar 2024
Sachin Baid
Insights into my journey with the Master in Financial Management programme
28. Februar 2024
Guina Shkembi
How to navigate life in Frankfurt as a master's student: Tips and tricks
19. Februar 2024
Lusine Afrikyan
Learning by doing: How FS and PwC prepare me for my future in digital business
2. Februar 2024
Tatjana Maksimovic
Balancing work and study as a Master in Applied Data Science student
14. Februar 2024
Christian Nikolov
IT & Digitalisierung im Master in Corporate Performance & Restructuring
31. Januar 2024
Linus Kühl