Studium - Masters


My first hands-on business case study with Procter & Gamble
18. Januar 2022
Bianca Westwood
AI Pontryagin or how neural networks learn to control complex systems
19. Januar 2022
Lucas Böttcher
My FS MiM journey – looking back 1.5 years
12. Januar 2022
Chirag Thakkar
From Frankfurt School via BCG to my own business
1. Dezember 2021
Klaus Henneberg
Master in Auditing: Meine Erfahrungen als duale Studentin
11. Januar 2022
Michelle Schröder
How I changed my plans, but not the goal
24. November 2021
Soamya Singh
Being part of a community starting from day one
6. Oktober 2021
Ruben Louis Thiemann
Sind finanzerfahrene CEOs die besseren Krisenmanager?
22. November 2021
Sebastian Urthaler
How my start-up idea won the Solve for Tomorrow Challenge
4. November 2021
Katharina Porenta
Internship at Visa – dipping my toes in the water of digital payments
4. Oktober 2021
Mona Jasmin Baumann
Moving from a small country to the financial centre of Europe for my master's
3. November 2021
Hayk Darbinyan
How Frankfurt School is helping me achieve my goals
14. Oktober 2021
Irem Doruk
SPACs: die Turbomaschine für Börsengänge
21. September 2021
Prof. Dr. Christoph Schalast
My first impressions of Frankfurt School
12. Oktober 2021
Marius Heinrich
My transition from engineering to management
8. Oktober 2021
Jonas Daum