Studium - Masters


How blockchain took me back to Frankfurt School
10. Januar 2023
Eduard Grigorjan
MiM Alumni gathering: a scintillating afternoon at Kloster Eberbach
28. März 2023
Yash Mehta
Semester opening at the European Central Bank: the spirit of the union
23. Februar 2023
Aleksandr Molodets
The first ever Master in Blockchain & Digital Assets Block Week
25. November 2022
Hagai Leal
Master of Finance: Choosing the Financial Advisory Concentration
6. Februar 2023
Philipp Brinkmann
Die erste Blockwoche im Master in Corporate Performance & Restructuring
19. Januar 2023
Linus Kühl
Combining Data-Driven Strategy, Execution and Management
29. September 2022
Denis Loechel
My master trip to Luxembourg: new financial perspectives in a historic city
19. Dezember 2022
Anastasiia Tsiluiko
Study trip to Prague: firm handshakes and autumn bells
17. November 2022
Runjiao Liu
Gaining insights into M&A with EY Parthenon
6. Juni 2022
Anna Zens
How FS welcomed the new Master in Management intake
1. November 2022
Sarah König
5 Reasons for pursuing a part-time master's despite a busy work schedule
12. August 2022
Christiane Zhao
How I successfully transited to a new industry during my master's
24. März 2022
Christiane Zhao
My double life as a student and intern at Goldman Sachs
4. August 2022
Ana Ximena Malo Reynaga
Transforming Mergers and Acquisitions through Artificial Intelligence
3. August 2022
Niklas Linder