5 Reasons for pursuing a part-time master's despite a busy work schedule
Master in Data Analytics & Management / 12. August 2022
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Master in Data Analytics & Management Class of 2023
Christiane is a graduate of the Master in Data Analytics & Management programme at Frankfurt School. She has been an active LinkedIn creator and a marketing guru for years and is now a marketing manager at Giesecke+Devrient Group.


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Many people around me are lifelong learners, it does not have much to do with their job title, age or nationalities, but it is an attitude of constantly taking on new challenges, overcoming them and achieving more. While the form of learning can be diverse, pursuing a master’s degree is one of the fastest and quickest ways to get an in-depth understanding of a specific field. In the Master in Data Analytics & Management programme at Frankfurt School, we see a diverse group of professionals re-enter the university to further explore their passions in the digital transformation in an organisation. So, why do many of us seriously consider a master’s study as a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for both personal and career development? Here are the top five reasons, and this blog post is for your reference when you consider studying at Frankfurt School.

1. Explore new problem-solving methods

Surrounded by a group of active learners, you can soon realise everyone has unique ways of approaching the same problem. We have different focuses and understandings of the real-life business issues brought up in our classroom. In an interactive open classroom environment, everyone is actively involved in expressing their ideas and receiving feedback and comments from others. We can spend the same amount of time identifying the business situation, as well as exploring the potential solutions – questions can also shape the answers. Sometimes we are surprised by how one solves problems or addresses unseen facts that turn a difficult business situation into a positive growth opportunity.

2. Connect with professionals from other industries

As we enter the workforce and spend more time connecting with others, we might soon enter a bottleneck – we could very much be restricted in our connections to people from the same industry or the same cultural or educational backgrounds. This is even more difficult for those who have recently moved from other places in the world to Germany. However, being connected with others, especially those with completely different backgrounds and experiences, can open our eyes and enable us to learn and grow with each other. You can meet friends and make connections beyond the classroom, such as at an FS alumni event, cocktail evening, conference or other social activities.

3. Constantly learn and grow with top academics and business people

As a top business school in Europe, professors and guest lecturers build from their previous business careers and case-solving experience and develop their own business models and theories. During each block week, we usually have at least two lecturers and one guest speaker joining us to provide insights from their past work. For instance, we learned how to save a company from going bankrupt as well as how large corporations digitally transformed themselves from manpower companies. The exploration of real-life business cases is thus supported by well-developed frameworks by our professors and academics, which can also be applied and used in our daily work environment.

4. Discover a new purpose and meaning in life

There might be many reasons why we stay hungry for knowledge, such as curiosity about the world, the excitement of achieving goals or simply exploring the meaning of self and life. Learning new knowledge about the world is one of the great processes for us to discover and understand ourselves better in relation to the wider society. In the era of uncertainty, it is a precious experience to dive into the world along with ambitious and smart peers at Frankfurt School.

5. Dive into the world of challenges – look at your job from another angle

The Master of Data Analytic and Management programme is built upon the current societal reality – how organisations and professionals empower digitalisation in business and smoothly adopt changes from societal to individual levels. While some classmates might explore new career opportunities during their studies, others might stay within their current roles but are able to understand their companies and their own roles from a fresh perspective. Where could I seek help to further accelerate the transformation? How does a C-suite-level executive understand the business and my role in the position of the whole company? These are some of the interesting questions we wish to answer along the way.

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