5 Reasons why studying in Frankfurt is great
Bachelor in Business Administration / 23. Februar 2022
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BSc in Business Administration Class of 2025
Jeet is currently studying the Bachelor in Business Administration (BSc) at Frankfurt School. Before moving to Frankfurt he lived in Mumbai, India, where he completed his IB diploma programme.


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Going to a university being an international student is not easy. You always have doubts whether the city is the right one for you. Coming to Frankfurt has been life-changing for me. Here are five reasons why everybody has something to gain from this extraordinary city.

The financial capital of Germany

The first and obvious reason why Frankfurt is so special is that it is the financial capital of Germany. The breathtaking view of the Frankfurt skyline highlights the plethora of banks and financial institutions that the city offers. Being a student at Frankfurt School and studying the Bachelor in Business Administration (BSc), you can always look at those buildings and aim to have a top floor office there one day. Having so many firms in the city opens a vast door of opportunities for students with all sorts of interests. Whether investment banking or asset management, Frankfurt has it all.

Vibrant city life

There is no better way to explore Frankfurt than experiencing city life and this city will never leave you disappointed. Frankfurt is packed with fun – you can go to bars and clubs or walk and relax next to the Main River. However, one of my favourite ways of enjoying the city’s life is going to the Christmas market in winter. These markets can be found in several places throughout the city and going there with friends is an amazing experience. The Christmas market is the perfect place to experience German culture as it provides a traditional culinary experience, which will definitely satisfy your taste buds.


The diversity that Frankfurt provides is incredible. This city provides a truly international experience with students from all corners of the world. The city allows students to learn about various cultures, which help expand their horizon. The city’s international culture is also in line with the growing trend of globalisation.

The beautiful architecture

Frankfurt provides a perfect mixture of modern-day architecture and an astounding variety of nature, for example, the Rhine-Main Regional Park and the city with its beautiful tall skyrises. This unique mixture gives Frankfurt the best of both worlds and provides students with plenty of opportunities to spend their weekends the way they like it.

Amazing connections

Frankfurt is very accessible, all thanks to its excellent public transport system. Going from one end of the city to another is possible in minimal time. The public transport connections are also not complex, making it easier for newcomers to discover this spectacular city. You can also easily travel to other European cities by train from Frankfurt, thanks to the city’s central location. Furthermore, the big international airport, which is only a 20-minute train ride from the city centre, also allows you to travel to any country in the world.

In conclusion, Frankfurt is the ideal place for students to live in, with its endless opportunity to grow one’s career and oneself. As a student at Frankfurt School, I have truly discovered a new side to myself, all thanks to this fantastic city.

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