Balancing work and study as a Master in Applied Data Science student
Master in Applied Data Science / 14. Februar 2024
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Master in Applied Data Science Class of 2025
Christian Nikolov is pursuing an MSc in Applied Data Science at Frankfurt School. He holds a BSc degree in Digital Business and currently works as a working student in Institutional Clients Advisory & Analytics at Commerzbank.


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Embarking on a Master’s in Applied Data Science at Frankfurt School has been a transformative journey, intertwining rigorous academic work with real-world professional experience. Through this post, I hope to offer insights into the life of a working student and the unique opportunities that Frankfurt School provides.

Choosing Frankfurt School and Applied Data Science

My decision to continue at Frankfurt School for my Master’s was a natural progression from my positive experience during my Bachelor’s degree. The institution’s prime location in a European financial hub offers unparalleled networking opportunities. Beyond location, the modern campus and Triple Crown Accreditation underscored the quality of education I expected and received. The choice of Applied Data Science as my major was driven by my interest in the burgeoning field of AI and data analytics, which I believe are pivotal in the current industrial revolution.

The path to career advancement

As a working student at Commerzbank, I’ve been exposed to the real-world applications of my academic learning. The challenges in digitalisation, particularly in the financial sector, have highlighted the need for innovation and adaptability skills that my studies have been honing. I see this programme as a stepping stone to a multitude of career pathways, be it in employment, consulting or entrepreneurship. The curriculum’s focus on cutting-edge technologies like AI and large language models prepares me for a significant role in the future of industry and business.

Embracing the 3-Day Model

The 3-day study model at Frankfurt School has been a game changer for me, striking a balance between work and academics. Initially, the transition was challenging, but with time, I’ve mastered the art of juggling responsibilities. The school’s resources, including career counselling, have been invaluable in this regard. This balance is not just about managing time but also about preparing for the complexities of professional life post-graduation.

A day in the life of a working student

My weekdays are split between work and study. Monday to Wednesday, I’m immersed in my role at the bank. The latter half of the week is dedicated to classes and coursework. This schedule requires meticulous planning and prioritisation. Social life does take a slight backseat, but the satisfaction of academic and professional growth compensates for this. My routine exemplifies the essence of a working student’s life discipline, focus and relentless pursuit of goals.

The distinct advantage of Applied Data Science

The Master in Applied Data Science is not just an academic pursuit; it’s a gateway to becoming a part of the digital revolution. The programme is designed to equip us with skills in AI, data science, data analysis and beyond that are increasingly becoming indispensable in various sectors. It’s exciting to be part of a field that is shaping the future, and I feel equipped to make significant contributions thanks to my education here.

Guidance for aspiring working students

If you’re contemplating this path, my advice is to start small and build your routine gradually. The transition can be overwhelming if you try to take on too much at once. Begin with your studies, get accustomed to the academic environment and then integrate work into your schedule. It’s about evolving a habit, a way of life that accommodates both work and study.


My experience as a working student at Frankfurt School has been a journey of growth, learning and self-discovery. It’s a challenging yet rewarding path that has taught me the importance of resilience, time management and strategic planning. To those considering this route, remember that the journey is as rewarding as the destination. Embrace the challenges, and you’ll emerge stronger, more skilled and ready to make your mark in the world.

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