Empowering Women: Bridging the gap through further education
Online Master / 26. Juni 2023
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Programme Manager at FS Sustainable World Academy
Andrea Beiter works as Programme Manager at Frankfurt School’s Sustainable World Academy and is responsible for the recruitment and admissions of the Master of Leadership in Sustainable Finance. As a training expert she has a proven track record in organising and implementing onsite and online trainings. Andrea gained MSME & financial inclusion experience through managing and implementing various financial sector development training and consulting projects worldwide, specialising in Asia. Last but not least, she is actively delivering training of trainers seminars (ToT) with special focus on building up trainer pools, coaching of new trainers and quality assurance of training delivery.


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In today’s rapidly evolving world, pursuing gender equality and female empowerment is more crucial than ever. While significant progress has been made, women continue to face unique challenges in various aspects of life, including the corporate world. However, further education has emerged as a powerful tool to bridge this gap and empower women to unleash their leadership potential.

Empowering women to rise above challenges

I often encounter inspiring success stories in my regular interactions with applicants and students pursuing higher executive education. On the one hand, it fills me with pride that Frankfurt School is making a difference in empowering women worldwide through its training and education programmes. However, on the other hand, it also highlights the existing barriers that still need to be overcome.

While some may assume that gender equality is primarily a regional issue, my interactions with women from various parts of the world demonstrate that it is a universal challenge. Frankfurt School’s international further education welcomes students from diverse regions, ranging from Latin America to Australia, and they all share similar stories.

Gender disparity continues to persist in the business landscape, with men predominantly occupying positions of power. High-quality further education has the potential to disrupt this gender bias and confront long-standing structures. Male–female stereotypes, biases and gender role expectations hinder women’s success and professional growth, placing them at a disadvantage compared to their male counterparts.

Unlocking leadership potential

Effective leadership is needed to succeed in a dynamic business landscape. Therefore, women need to enhance their strategic thinking, decision-making, communication, negotiation and conflict-resolution skills. Besides missing soft skills, further education can also bridge any existing knowledge gap. Industry-specific knowledge, as well as knowledge of the latest market trends and best practices, are essential when taking over an executive role or switching careers. As a result, the quality of further education becomes vital in levelling the playing field and ensuring equal opportunities for both genders.

A substantial advantage of further education is to increase the opportunity to build strong professional networks. By connecting with like-minded women and powerful mentors, women can build a support system that boosts their growth. A solid network can provide guidance and opportunities for collaboration which is needed for long-term success.

Women often suffer from a lack of confidence which can hinder their progress. Further education programmes provide a supportive environment where women can gain confidence in their abilities. This boost of confidence can make a difference in tackling challenges head-on and embracing leadership roles without hesitation.

Inspiring future generations through women’s leadership and role modelling

Last but not least, a whole generation can benefit: When women break barriers, rise to leadership positions and become visible role models, they inspire younger generations of women to dream bigger and reach for their goals. This cycle creates a positive impact on society by challenging gender norms, promoting diversity and fostering inclusivity in the corporate world.

Further education has emerged as a transformative force in empowering women to reach their full potential in leadership roles. As more women access these educational opportunities, we move closer to a world where gender equality thrives, and women occupy their rightful place at the forefront of business and society.

Frankfurt School’s Master of Leadership in Sustainable Finance provides a distinctive online format that enables individuals from around the globe to access top-notch education and become sustainable finance leaders. In recognition of the significant contributions made by women in today’s dynamic business landscape, Frankfurt School is offering partial scholarships for the Master of Leadership in Sustainable Finance, specifically focusing on women residing in developing nations. Scholarships for the intake of 2023 are still available, so take a look at the programme and discover the extraordinary possibilities we provide.

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