Insights into my journey with the Master in Financial Management programme
Master in Financial Management / 28. Februar 2024
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Master in Financial Management Class of 2025
Guina Shkëmbi is a Master in Financial Management student at Frankfurt School. Before starting at Frankfurt School, she graduated from Empire State University.


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Why a Master's in Financial Management at Frankfurt School?

Embarking on the Master in Financial Management (MFM) programme at the prestigious Frankfurt School was not just a career choice but a transformative decision influenced by a myriad of factors. As I reflect on this journey, I am excited to share my insights into the programme structure, exceptional faculty, diverse class environment, networking opportunities and the profound personal and professional growth I experienced.

Choosing the MFM programme: A transformative decision

The decision to pursue the MFM programme was driven by my desire for a comprehensive finance education and Frankfurt School’s stellar reputation in the field. The unique combination of theoretical knowledge and practical application, along with the school’s commitment to fostering global perspectives, made it an irresistible choice.

Frankfurt School’s emphasis on cultivating a diverse student body and faculty from around the world provides a unique platform for cross-cultural exchange, a vital attribute in navigating the complexities of the globalised business landscape. Small class sizes, akin to my prior experience in a private Albanian-American university, resonate with me because they foster more interactive and engaging discussions, creating a robust sense of community and collaboration within the class.

Furthermore, the promise of building a professional network through the programme’s connections to investors, alumni and partners, coupled with opportunities for internships and mentorship, align seamlessly with my aspirations for career advancement in financial management.

Core courses and real-world applicability

The MFM programme is a well-crafted blend of core courses designed to equip students with a holistic understanding of financial management. Core courses delve into subjects such as Managerial Data Science, Risk & Crisis Management, Sustainable Finance, and Strategic Financial Management. The opportunity for an exchange semester in the final term adds an exciting global flavour to the whole experience. A standout feature of the curriculum is its real-world applicability. Case studies and practical projects challenge us as students to apply our knowledge to solve complex financial problems, preparing us for the dynamic challenges of the industry.

In addition to the academic offerings, I appreciate that Frankfurt School offers free German language classes for non-native speakers. Though I currently have a B2 level of proficiency in German, I recognise the importance of improving my language skills as I pursue my studies and a career in Germany. My interest in the German language and culture was rekindled during a recent vacation in Frankfurt, Munich, and Berlin. I am excited to deepen my understanding of this rich and vibrant culture during my time at Frankfurt School.

Exceptional faculty and mentorship: Shaping the learning experience

The MFM boasts an exceptional faculty: industry experts and academic scholars. Professors not only deliver engaging lectures but also foster an interactive learning environment. A special mention goes to Professor María de la O Hervás Zurita, whose passion for mathematics and finance is contagious, making every hour of class a captivating learning experience.

The mentorship provided by the faculty is invaluable. Their guidance extends beyond the classroom, offering insights into industry trends and helping every student navigate the complexities of the financial landscape.

The MFM programme reaches beyond the classroom, providing ample opportunities for networking and industry exposure. Regular networking events, conferences and guest lectures bring us face-to-face with industry professionals. These interactions not only broaden our professional network but also offer insights into the latest trends and challenges within the financial sector.

The programme is not just about academic growth; it is a journey that transforms us. Handling real-world situations, making decisions and solving problems has made me more confident in my abilities. The emphasis on ethical financial practices aligns with Frankfurt School’s focus on responsible leadership, shaping not just good professionals but good people, too.

Practical tips for prospective MFM students: Time management and networking

For those considering the MFM, effective time management is key. Create a study schedule that allows for both coursework and personal time. Actively engage in class discussions and collaborative projects; the diverse insights offered by classmates are invaluable. Lastly, leverage the networking opportunities provided – building relationships within the industry is as crucial as academic excellence.

A journey of growth and excellence

In conclusion, the Master of Financial Management at Frankfurt School is more than just an academic pursuit; it is a transformative journey that prepares students for the challenges and opportunities in the dynamic world of finance. The blend of academic rigour, practical application and a supportive learning environment makes it a truly enriching experience, fostering not only professional competence but also personal growth.

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