Mastering the Game: My Journey at the HEC Business Game 2024
FS Life / 7. Juni 2024
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Master in Management Class of 2024
Nabarun is currently completing his Master of Management at Frankfurt School and has already gained some practical experience as a Business Analyst. Before that, he completed his Bachelor programme in Electrical engineering.


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This April, I had the privilege of representing Frankfurt School of Finance & Management at the most esteemed business game of Europe — the HEC Business Game 2024, held on April 19th and 20th. This event brought together 150 international students from thousands of applicants worldwide, representing over 50 nationalities, for a dynamic and challenging two-day competition. Representing FS at the prestigious HEC Business Game in Paris was not only an honour but a pivotal milestone in my academic and professional journey. This event, steeped in competition and camaraderie, tested our strategic acumen, teamwork, adaptability to working with unfamiliar people and ability to thrive under pressure.

A Confluence of Ideas and Innovation

Held in the bustling city of Paris, the HEC Business Game is renowned for attracting some of Europe’s brightest minds, challenging them with real-world business cases from global giants like Bain & Company, Schneider Electric, and AB InBev. As a participant, I was thrust into a whirlwind of analytical challenges that demanded not just intellectual rigour but also creative problem-solving. Each case presented a unique blend of challenges, delving into realms such as Fintech, Marketing, Sustainability, ESG, and Research and Development, thus simulating real-world business scenarios.

Day 1: Diving into Complexity

The first day kicked off with an intense case from Bain & Company, where we tackled strategic revitalization for a fintech firm, Neobank, grappling with digital transformation. The atmosphere was electric, filled with the buzz of competitive spirits and the clacking of laptop keys. Each team member brought their unique perspective, turning our diverse backgrounds into our greatest strength.

Then, we faced an exhilarating challenge presented by Schneider Electric: to enhance transparency in Schneider’s supply chain, where we proposed a multi-tier tracking system to ensure adherence to human rights and decent working conditions. Our solution aimed at integrating advanced analytics and blockchain for real-time monitoring.

Day 2: The Final Stretch

The second day was no less demanding, with a challenging scenarios from SYSNAV and COSMA Parfumeries that required us to innovate new strategies using cutting-edge technologies to expand into new customer segments. The solution we devised not only demonstrated our technical skills but also our ability to think ahead of the curve.

Networking and Learning from the Best

What set the HEC Business Game apart was the unparalleled access to industry leaders. Engaging with executives from Schneider Electric, Bain & Company, and AB InBev, I gained insights into the industry dynamics and career opportunities, enriching my understanding of the global market landscape. Along with that, connecting with over 150 top students from around the globe was an invaluable experience. Meeting my future colleagues and forging connections that transcend borders is what makes events like these so special.

Beyond the Competition: Gala Nights and Parisian Charms

The event wasn’t all work; the organizers beautifully balanced the rigorous sessions with well-deserved breaks and recreational activities. The Gala night, held in the heart of Paris, allowed us to unwind and forge lasting friendships with peers from across the globe. After the business game, I cherished the opportunity to explore Paris, from the iconic Eiffel Tower to the quaint streets of Montmartre, each moment allowed me to immerse myself in the city’s rich history and vibrant culture.

Looking Forward

To those contemplating participation in future business games, I wholeheartedly recommend it, as the HEC Business Game is more than a competition; it’s a gateway to growth, learning, and invaluable networking. The competition proved to be an incredibly enriching journey, enhancing our ability to leverage our analytical and creative skills and strategize under pressure and present compelling solutions, all within a multicultural environment. The experience was transformative, equipping participants with the tools to excel in both their careers and personal growth. I look forward to applying the insights gained and exploring new opportunities that this experience has undoubtedly ushered in.

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