My bachelor's degree as a career stepping-stone
Bachelor in Business Administration / 16. September 2022
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BSc in Business Administration Class of 2020
Elisa hat bis 2020 Business Administration (BSc) an der Frankfurt School studiert und die studentische Initiative FS Blockchain gegründet. Anschließend absolvierte sie ihren Master in Finance an der MIT Sloan School of Management.


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Frankfurt School (FS) had been recommended to me by friends as one of the top business schools in Germany; the curriculum, with a strong focus on analytical and quantitative skills, intrigued me, and this was accompanied by an excellent first consultation I had back then with Dr. Peter Kiefer, the Senior Educational Advisor at FS.

My studies at FS

During the first year at FS, I was able to develop a focus and concentration in programming. While I had acquired my initial programming skills autodidactically, FS provided ample opportunities to enhance my abilities. One of the key advantages at FS has been studying in smaller groups, which allowed me to receive the required input and support from the faculty. At the same time, I was also actively involved in the FS community, gave tutoring classes in mathematics and statistics in my second year at FS as well as founded the student initiative FS Blockchain.

FS as a career stepping-stone

With the support of the FS teaching faculty, I successfully applied to the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and spent one semester there as part of my bachelor’s programme. At MIT, the interdisciplinary study programme greatly suited my previous curriculum and my broad interests. In addition, I also gained a lot of intercultural experience. After graduating from FS in 2020, I joined Morgan Stanley in London and worked in their quantitative investment strategies team. This was, again, a great experience. Nonetheless, I followed through with my plans to get a master’s degree at MIT. Since 2021 I have been enrolled in a master’s programme at MIT Sloan School of Management.

Lifetime network

My studies at FS and the support I received from faculty and staff throughout my years there laid the foundation for my further academic path. I will always be particularly grateful for the support I received from the FS staff during my studies, my application process for scholarships and master’s programmes at several universities. Since I graduated from FS, I have been staying in contact with members of the staff and the faculty. Among the many professors who supported me during my time at FS and provided guidance for my academic career, I may single out Prof. Dr. Jan Vecer, who has been providing important academic advice on my research work throughout my studies and supported my path to MIT. Reflecting on my time at FS, the special FS network, with its strong mentoring elements, has played an important role in my personal and academic development.

My advice to incoming students at Frankfurt School is to get actively involved in the community at FS. It is up to you to make the best out of your studies; do not be hesitant to develop your own ideas as to what you can contribute to making your time at FS a success. FS will always support you. And, most of all, stay curious!

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