People at FS: Life as a working student
Bachelor in Business Administration / 4. März 2020
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BSc in Business Administration Class of 2023
Johannes is currently studying in the Bachelor programme at Frankfurt School. Also he is a working student at IPONTIX.


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My second semester just started, and this February is already my third month as a working student at IPONTIX. I’m currently doing my bachelor’s in business administration in the full-time model; therefore, I want to give you an idea of how to find a position as a working student, how much of work it actually is and what you should know before applying.

What to expect as a working student

No worries, you won’t make coffee all day! Although jobs might be very different, I think my experience with IPONTIX might be a good example of how it can be. In my job interview they offered me to start with a two-month internship; this way I was able to first have a look if the company really suits me. I started off with assisting in the office management, from filling the website to wrapping Christmas presents I did a lot of diverse tasks. This start was a lot of fun as I had much variety in what I’m doing. As I got more used to work independently and got a better understanding of what the company is doing, I got tasks which were more project-related like researching companies and filling Excel sheets. All in all, the longer I was working there the more challenging work was transmitted to me.

Here are some tips for you to find your student job

First of all, you should think about the reason you want to work. Do you need the money, or do you want to learn a lot? Do you want to get insights in different fields, or do you already know what you want to do later in life? Do you prefer small teams, or a big name in your CV? These are example questions you should ask yourself to find out where to work. I also found it very useful to use JobTeaser, a job platform offered by FS, to see which companies are looking for students and to see what kind of positions are possible.

Will I have time for a job?

Depending on the programme you do and how you set your priorities you will have different amounts of time to work. Myself, I work roughly 13 hours a week when I don’t have lectures. When your company is far away it might make sense to do less but longer stints. While some people work up to or more than 20 hours a week for me 13 hours are more than enough so I can still study, sleep, have a social life and do extracurricular activities. Most companies are very flexible when it comes to schedules of working students so it’s no problem if you need a day off or your lecture plan changes.

How do I get the job?

As soon as you decided what you want to do and where to apply you should take the opportunity and speak with our career services! They can give you professional feedback to your thoughts and have a look over your application(s). Try to inform yourself thoroughly about the company and when you get invited to an interview just try to be yourself!

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