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My 'Halfway There' with the FS EMBA
8. Juni 2023
Grigori Garbouzov
The Empowering Message of Music & Role Models: How They Inspired Me to Study for Executive MBA
2. Oktober 2023
Tina Van Hoecke
How to achieve work-life balance while studying for your EMBA
11. August 2023
Erekle Tolordava
My Executive MBA: A journey within and beyond
20. Januar 2023
Shuo Zhang
Embracing ambiguity
3. August 2023
Gaetano Fusillo
An ode to people
2. Februar 2023
Ioana Thompson
Dancing into the Executive MBA
6. April 2021
Jason Jacobs
Geopolitics for Organizations – tools to navigate a challenging world
12. Dezember 2022
Elter Nehemias Santos Barbosa
My first impressions as part of the Executive MBA Class of 2024
11. Oktober 2022
Hector Arenas
My new role: Lawyer to Business operations with an EMBA
7. Januar 2021
Kari Foss-Persson
People, Planet, Profit: a trend or a business essential?
19. September 2022
Patricia Oliveira
Moving out of my comfort zone into an inspiring network
25. August 2022
Carlos Torres
My Hybrid Learning Experience at Frankfurt School
9. Dezember 2020
Mike Thaler
One year later: reflecting on my Executive MBA journey
29. Juli 2022
Angelo Gibaldo
Overcoming the trap of fear
1. Juli 2022
Rasha Oudeh