MBA - MBA International Healthcare Management

MBA International Healthcare Management

Leadership and collaboration: Lessons from Saudi Arabia's transformation
27. März 2024
Dr. Maram Mobara
Bridging Engineering and Marketing in MBA International Healthcare Management
7. Februar 2024
Johannes Jäger
From classrooms to boardrooms: Unveiling Healthcare Finance and Leadership
4. Januar 2024
Ali Aleid
My International Healthcare MBA thesis: blockchain technology in healthcare
21. Februar 2023
Dr. Khalil Hetou
From nurse to healthcare leader: my MBA journey in Healthcare Management
1. November 2023
Francisco Ferreira
Journey into healthcare innovation: my MBA module at Johns Hopkins
18. August 2023
Woei Teoh
How the MBA in International Healthcare Management has defined my career
7. November 2022
Cátia Vieira
Transformation in real-time: An inspiring module in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
5. Juli 2023
Marisa Pavlovskis
My transformative MBA journey: exploring the healthcare-business connection
12. Juni 2023
Janny Lee
How my MBA contributes to female empowerment in healthcare
22. Februar 2022
Nana Beth Kgosidintsi
From banking to healthcare: my personal transformation journey
7. März 2023
Woei Teoh
Understanding the UK healthcare system with my MBA in International Healthcare
11. Januar 2023
PD Dr. med. Cordula Netzer
My MBA in International Healthcare – a truly transformational life experience
14. Januar 2022
Leanne Taylor
A rendezvous with healthcare entrepreneurs during my MBA module in Singapore
18. November 2022
Lisa Jungheim
Biomedical Innovation & Healthcare – my MBA module in Singapore
6. Oktober 2022
Dr. Rujuta Shrotriya