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Part-time MBA

My journey from mechanical engineering to an MBA at FS
2. September 2022
Miguel Novillo-Suarez
My Part-time MBA – A journey of growth, acceptance and courage
20. Juli 2022
Ewa-Ade Adeyemo
My story as a Marketer in the part-time MBA
29. April 2022
Mark Pflaumbaum
Working full-time in Berlin and studying part-time in Hamburg
22. Juli 2022
Nicoleta Bujicu
My first 90 days as an MBA Programme Manager
17. Februar 2022
Stephanie Kutschmann
Expanding my horizon – from Science to MBA
27. Januar 2022
Dr. Svenja Taschinski
Part-time MBA: Benefits to my career & the corona crisis
18. Mai 2020
Gerardo Leal
Back to school – My first weeks as a Part-time MBA student
24. November 2021
Benjamin Behnke
Order within chaos – insights into my new life in Shanghai
6. August 2021
Dr. Carlos Andrés Martínez Cristancho
Why I chose the part-time MBA at Frankfurt School
15. Oktober 2019
Achim Gnadt
My MBA journey – why go back to university in your 30s?!
11. Mai 2021
Ahmed Nagi
Group Consulting Project – a valuable practical experience for your career
10. Mai 2021
Melissa Lim
How to master the MBA work-life-study balance
8. August 2019
Julius Olemotz
My experience in choosing between the three options for my master’s thesis
7. Mai 2021
Jasmin Rahn
How some tough setbacks led me to the greatest choice of my professional life
18. März 2021
Tim Ouwerkerk