The FS Pre-University Foundation Programme – materialising future careers
/ 11. November 2022
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BSc in Management, Philosophy and Economics Class of 2026
Aaryan is currently pursuing the BSc in Management, Philosophy and Economics (MPE) programme and is the founder of the S.G.C. Group, a social impact organisation. He is also a national badminton player and a visual artist.


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Being an IB graduate, I was initially sceptical about the course content of the programme and wondered if I would learn something new or if it would be a repetition of my high school. With the progression of the lectures, I was proven the former. My experience of the Pre-University Foundation Programme was profusely enriching with the sublime prospect of learning, unlearning and relearning, networking with seniors, industry professionals and professors while being able to actively contribute to the FS Student Initiatives and acquire a competitive advantage to design an impactful career.

Academics – learning, unlearning and relearning

Amongst Economics, Mathematics, English and German, learning Economics was a particularly fascinating aspect of the programme, as I had not previously known the subject in greater depth. The fascinating case studies, group projects, discussions and application-based assignments made learning this novel subject even more fun. In addition, learning all the subjects from different geographical, economic and geopolitical contexts initiated my process of learning, unlearning and relearning.

One of the many enjoyable experiences that showcases the sustained focus on application-based learning at FS was an exciting English assignment where the cohort went to the Städel Museum on a field trip. Having majored in Art in high school, I thought the museum was a utopia. The diverse collection of artworks encouraged my peers and me to reflect on the intense artistic history and lineage of the artists and artistic movements.

Life as an international student – Frankfurt and the FS Community

Settling in as an international student in Frankfurt was not easy. The first two weeks were demanding with all the legal and logistical requirements to be completed. However, with the support of my colleagues and FS, I was able to transition smoothly and successfully. From an international student’s perspective, Frankfurt is a city of many shades and is easy to get accustomed to. With the exciting mix of the dynamism of the banking district and the old charm of Römerberg, it places itself as a perfect study location with vibrant student life and a relaxed, introspective personal life.

During the course, I was a member of the FS Asia Society, FS Charity and FS Badminton, and I had an exhilarating experience. May it be the intense discussions about the business dynamics and market volatility at the FS Asia Society or the badminton training sessions at TG Bornheim, all these initiatives promoted the development of my cognitive and aesthetic competencies while providing a scaffold that imbued me with servant leadership.

Interacting and networking with professors and seniors

One of the biggest highlights for me in selecting the Foundation Programme was the potential opportunity to interact with my seniors and professors. It enabled me to visualise, design and prototype my next 3.5 years at Frankfurt School. Interacting with students from BSc, Master and MBA programmes allowed me to develop a structured vision for my career at and beyond FS. They provided an in-depth insight into the BSc programmes, which helped me select Management, Philosophy and Economics (MPE). Furthermore, I could connect with industry leads through various seminars, conferences and networking events hosted by FS and expand my professional network.

I selected the MPE Programme since it will help me to develop an inquisitive outlook while building crucial analytical competencies. Moreover, the Philosophy modules will equip me with the ability to construct relevant arguments, evaluate fallacies and approach complex decisions through scientific models and theories. Furthermore, the programme will provide me with a plethora of managerial, philosophical and economic purviews, showcasing the inter-dependency of these disciplines while learning a new way to think, evaluate and take complex decisions.

In essence, the Foundation Programme empowered me to make an informed decision to select my bachelor programme at FS while building on the value of international mindedness: a prerequisite for an international career.

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