How I came to realise the importance of education
Full-time MBA / 29 October 2021
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Full-time MBA Class of 2022
Andrew earned multiple years of experience with scheduling, hiring and vendor relations throughout the foodservice industry. He held managerial positions and previously studied at Indiana University Bloomington.

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Most of my life was spent prioritizing work over school. During college, I found myself working multiple jobs despite being a full-time student. I was always under the impression that work experience was more important than school and regardless of your education, you would be able to climb up the corporate ladder if you had the right attitude and worked hard enough. I found this to be false very quickly on my journey to find the right job.

The first steps

My career started in the food industry where I worked my way from a customer service associate at a convenience store up to a full-time assistant foods manager. However, I found myself unable to progress any further because I did not have the required experience or education.

My next job was as a cashier with a home improvement chain where I worked my way up to be the front-end manager. Once again, I was unable to progress further in my career as I was lacking in experience and education.

Lastly, I found myself working for a law firm afterward as a judgment processor. After a year in my role, I began applying for multiple other positions within the law firm but was once again blocked as I needed more education to progress in my career.

An inspirational trip

During my college career, I had travelled to Frankfurt to interview with Frankfurt School; however, I was unable to travel outside of the United States to further pursue my education. Now that I had been continuously impeded by lack of education, I felt it was time to properly go for my Full-time MBA and once again found myself looking at Frankfurt School. After speaking with members of the university, I knew that this was where I needed to go to make sure that I could finish my education with a degree that would keep me competitive in an ever-changing market.

My goal post-MBA is to help create an intermediary for the esports industry. Currently, there is a lack of support for younger players who are looking to enter the industry as they are being used to generate revenue without any support system. Players average 16 years of age and find themselves locked into contracts that last anywhere from 2 to 4 years but only profit for the first half. By creating a system that helps these young players start their careers with minimal risks, it will help maintain a sustainable market for the entire esports industry.